Tennessee press ignores cronyism in supposedly nonpolitical judge ‘elections’

Justice Clark and Nashville attorney Margaret L. Behm enjoy the 2014 Women’s Final Four in Nashville.

Justice Connie Clark, right, and Nashville attorney Margaret L. Behm enjoy an event in Nashville.

By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog

(Editor’s note: This Q&A with Tennessee judicial activist George Scoville is preceded by a Part 1. I encourage you to support Chris Butler’s work and patronize his website, Tennessee Watchdog. His developing story of judicial impropriety is important for supporters of local economy and the free market.— DJT]

NASHVILLE — A Tennessee resident who filed a formal ethics complaint against three state Supreme Court justices up for retention has called out another group, saying they’ve also fallen short of their responsibilities — the mainstream media.

“Whether or not media in Tennessee, who seem to have become reflexively protective of the power to which they once spoke truth, likely because that power is presently wielded by Democrats, will cover these complaints remains to be seen,” according to George Scoville, who filed the complaint against justices Gary Wade, Connie Clark and Sharon Lee.

As previously reported, Scoville is accusing the justices of violating campaign finance and expenditure laws and misleading voters about their true intentions. His complaint cites Tennessee Watchdog stories on the court.

“It is my hope that these complaints will prompt more vibrant and honest discussion of judicial retention elections in Tennessee this summer among relevant stakeholders and voters.”

No other mainstream media outlets have appeared to report news, which Tennessee Watchdog broke, that a George Soros-funded organization is involving himself in the election to help the three justices.

Few other media outlets have apparently followed up my report that Democratic Party operatives, some with ties to Barack Obama, are now apparently involved in the campaign to assist the justices.

Outlets, however, preach the dangers of big business and the Koch brothers’ corrupting Tennessee’s judicial election with politics and money.

Thus far, no proof of their claims has emerged. Trial lawyers who likely see the three justices as avenues to overturn the state’s tort reform laws are holding swanky, high-priced fundraisers for these justices — a point barely touched upon by Tennessee’s establishment media.

As Tennessee Watchdog reported this week, the three justices had a breakfast with left-leaning organizations.

Here the colorful Q&A with Mr. Scoville. Please read more.

Source: Chris Butler is the Tennessee bureau reporter for Watchdog.org. Chris has previously worked at newspapers in Florida, Texas and his home state of Louisiana. His articles have been cited by Rush Limbaugh, the Daily Caller, Reason, the Drudge Report, and FOX News, among several other national and international news agencies and websites.

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