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Lee extends local mask mandate powers, ignoring suit

Gov. Bill Lee speaks to members of the press from home Oct. 14, where he is self-isolating after a member of his staff is reported to have been afflicted with CV-19.

According to reports, Gov. Bill Lee is extending the authority to county mayors to impose so-called mask mandates through the end of the year. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92/.7 FM

The order has not yet been published at the secretary of state’s webpage for executive orders.

Says Gillum Ferguson, his spokesman, “That won’t be signed until the end of this month, before the existing EO is set to expire. Once it is it’ll be up on the SoS website.”

Extending this authority indicates that my presentation of facts in my 200-plus paragraph complaint has made no impression upon the governor and his conduct of state operations in the 2020 flu season.

Gov. Lee was served at copy of it 14 days ago, on Oct. 6. Local county health department administrator Becky Barnes was served the complaint 15 days ago.

The petition for writ of mandamus demands Hamilton County chancery court overturn the state of emergency on grounds that the governor has not obeyed the Tennessee health code at Title 68.

The lawsuit has received no press coverage across the state, except by this website and NoogaRadio 92.7 FM. That is not surprising, given that the affidavit of fact and law contradicts what everyone knows to be true about the “pandemic.”

Under ordinary rules of court, the governor and Mrs. Barnes have 30 days to respond, with each day of illegal activity imposing a continuing irreparable harm on the people and the state of Tennessee. In the legal action, I represent state of Tennessee and its 6.8 million citizens, demanding obedience to the law, thus collapsing the purported and fraudulent state of emergency.

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