Jennings defies deathcare chains; flying blind under socialism, suppression of dissent, 9/11 questions

Video streaming by UstreamFlying blind by going against God’s law: Stellar Therapy Services in Chattanooga, favoring gays; Gov. Haslam, trying to draw the best students into service to the state, the highest possible line of work; and governments as business actors cannot act rationally because they cannot determine the price of any good or service. They fly blindly. • Local economy is a way to see the ground, and to land safely — a beacon of good sense amid statism clouds. Josh Jennings tells how he started Hamilton funeral home in Chattanooga, challenging the high price and monocultures of national chains in Hixson. Ten local people sought to invest in the business when it opened, indicating local capital thirsting for an outlet. • Also, suppressing dissent denies vital information to state-controlled systems; the drive toward consistency and atheism in public schools; and questions about the official narrative of 9/11, the attack on the Pentagon and the felling of the Twin Towers, where the explosion line during their collapse dropped more quickly than free-falling debris.

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