Governments keep 2 sets of books; expert says wealth at F$110 trillion

Walter Burien explains how composite or commercial government keeps two sets of books, the budget and the comprehensive annual financial report, or CAFR. This two-hour talk’s first 10 minutes will open this remarkable subject. Mr. Burien is my guest by phone on on Independence Day. 

By David Tulis

A little known public report is published by Chattanooga city government, Hamilton County, Tennessee government and probably other organizations such as Hamilton County schools and Enterprise South industrial park. The report is the CAFR, the comprehensive annual financial report. CAFRs are powerful documents serving the public interest, and show how extensive commercial government has become. Analyst Walter Burien discovered, for example, that F$8 trillion is held by 14,000 local governments in California. His work on CAFRs began in 1989 when, as a New Jersey resident, he challenged newly elected Gov. Jim Florio’s tax increase, the largest ever in state history. He discovered that state government had F$188 billion in liquid investments and didn’t need the additional F$2.8 billion the increase was to bring. Total cash receipts for every government are in its CAFR.

Commercial government, according to Mr. Burien’s long study in the field, loads budgets that politicians and legislatures haggle over with expenses and tax revenues. Profit centers for commercial government are off budget. But they are revealed, often surreptitiously, in the comprehensive annual financial report. Hamilton County in June published a “comprehensive annual budget report,” or CABR, that contains much of the data that ends up in the county CAFR, which will cover the past year ended June 30. — David Tulis

By Walter Burien

The CAFR is the comprehensive annual financial report for all local governments in the United States with over 84,000 individual Annual Financial Reports completed each year.

School districts, cities, counties, enterprise authorities and government pension funds complete a CAFR each year starting with the first in the year 1945 and yet not a peep from the syndicated media, organized education, the political parties. Is Silence is Golden true in this respect?

For the reality per the present state of “who owns the country.” The CAFR is the accounting bible for all local government. It shows the total gross income, investment structure and also shows the general purpose operating budget as is “selectively” created by your local government. I note that the selectively created operating budget usually amounts to one-third of the gross income and is where 100% of tax income is shown. The other two-thirds of the gross income is shown only in the CAFR report and the other two-thirds is derived from return on investments and enterprise operations of which said enterprise operations will have their own CAFR or Annual Financial Report listing their own investments and gross income separate from the local government they are under (many games are played here).

If you polled Americans asking the question: Do you think that government’s gross income was primarily tax income? Ninety-nine (99%) percent would answer yes when in fact that answer would be saying in comparison that the world is flat.

So why are 99% of the public conditioned to reply with an answer that is so contrary to truth and signifies an intelligence factor of a midieval serve from the first century on this specific question of such great importance?

The inside players consider the people nothing more than resources to be managed, controlled, and marginalized if they are contrary to the inside players’ self-serving intent of wealth creation. They will continue doing what they do until they are stopped.

With this in mind, it is obvious that the inside players’ crucial element for success was to make sure the people did not review, understand or comprehend their financial game plan as it grew. It was essential to entertain the people (good entertainment, bad entertainment, it did not matter as long as the people were entertained) so that “business as usual” could continue in left field as all of the people were being entertained, conditioned, and directed to look in right field oblivious to what was taking place in left field.

To be able to pull this off government required the full cooperation of the syndicated media, organized education, and the political parties. Well, it is obvious they got it and got it due to the money involved. If you cooperated, you were on easy street. If you did not, you were marginalized or worse.

THE government document to review

The silence is golden game continues. When you do a Google News search on CAFR as of 02/21/08 only 17 obscure hits with no “teaching” in the reading of what is behind the CAFR as to the true investment ownership and true gross income of the local governments involved.

The CAFR is what every registered voter and taxpayer should have carefully reviewed as they went over it with a fine-toothed comb and should have done so for the last 60 years.

Being that the government inside players knew that the people should look, that is why they took the steps necessary to make sure they didn’t. (If they had, the financial takeover game would not have blossomed for total conquest as it did.)

So, what is the first step all should take? Make sure all know to carefully look at, review, and examine their local government CAFRs. Avoidance, or refusal by your local government to do so in plain language is treason and financial fraud by intentional non-disclosure of the worst sort. When all the people know to look, I am confident there are a few sharp cookies out there that can take the corrective measures necessary to reverse the game back into the benefit and control of the people.

The intentional non-disclosure of this issue by the media, government, organized education and the political parties is what has lead to a nearly totalitarian fascist state that we have. Crime, breakup of the family, drug addiction and prison population are greater in this country than anywhere else in the world due to what the same generates in gross income for our government and their inside players because of the money involved. The revolution is closer than you know. Be a part of it.

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