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Unseeing of 136,700 TN jab deaths, Wamp taps well-oiled Cogswell as med examiner

Stephen Cogswell, named medical examiner in Hamilton County, Tenn., testifies at the trial of Janet Hinds in the killing of a local policeman. Dr. Cogswell will continue state and local policy of accepting tens of thousands of CV-19 jab deaths in Tennessee, helping officials redefine public health to include mass injury in service of pharmaceutical giants and federal domestic war policy. (Photo Court TV)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Thursday, Dec. 21, 2023 — County Mayor Weston Wamp names Dr. Steven Cogswell as Hamilton County’s as medical examiner succeeding the “esteemed” Dr. James Metcalfe who has yet to determine Hamilton County has had its first jab death.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

Mayor Wamp continues county policy of upholding the “safe and effective” outlook on CV-19 “EUA countermeasures,” also known as Covid-19 vaccines. They have brought death to 136,700 deaths, based on  1,367 reports received by the federal government, and 1.42 million injuries and serious side effects based on 14,303 reports to the FDA.

The medical examiner, charged with examining corpses, is considered a sentinel for public health if disease breaks out and starts taking lives. He is charged in T.C.A § 38-7-108 with investigating the cause of death of anyone who dies “suddenly when in apparent health” or “when found dead” or discovered “in any suspicious, unusual, or unnatural manner.”

From left, Jeff Long, commissioner of safety; Sheriff Austin Garrett; Congressman Chuck Fleischmann; and Hamilton County Mayor Weston Wamp. (Photo HCSO)

Dr. Metcalfe has not answered press queries about jab deaths, has reported none and made no public statements indicating the military-produced inoculations are a threat to health. 

Mayor Wamp’s praise for the watchdog office is effusive. Dr. Metcalfe, he says, worked “with the highest integrity and professionalism, and the citizens of our county owe him a debt of gratitude.” The mayor says Dr. Cogswell will “uphold the standard of excellence” for Hamilton County.

The county health department, joining Gov. Bill Lee, violated the primary epidemic law at T.C.A. §68-5-104 requiring a determination be made as to the agent of contagion of SARS-CoV2. The parties exercised “discretion” in ignoring this duty, and applied police power upon the general public by imposing a state of martial law in March 2020 and overthrowing constitutional government. The state’s supreme law forbids martial law, and the state anti-terrorism statute forbids acts of terrorism to change government policy. I represented the state in suing Becky Barnes locally and Gov. Lee, fighting them 878 days until a denial of a petition for writ of certiorari in the U.S. supreme court. ‡

Dr. Cogswell has been Dr. Metcalfe’s sidekick 10 years. He was a medical examiner in the air force for a decade.

It is certain that Dr. Cogswell will turn compliantly in the next great biosecurity operation of the type wargamed to bring the U.S. Covid-19, a cog in the machinery of government despoiling the people of their rights, liberty, property and lives.

‡ I sent an inquiry to Mayor Wamp asking “whether the appointee will continue Dr. Metcalfe’s level of surveillance of Hamilton Countians’ health to make sure the people remain apprised of threats. *** Under Dr. Metcalfe, we have not had the first death reported in Hamilton County caused by or connected with the vaccination program, and not the first reported injury. Will you give Dr. Cogswell any instructions about Covid shot harms? What has he seen in autopsies of people such as Kevin West? Are officials forthcoming with news that should cause concern — or outcry?”


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