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Judges hold 2nd ‘offices of trust,’ violate constitution, secure corruption

Children watch a celebratory patriotic parade in downtown Chattanooga, though many institutions of American public life are hollowed out by corrupt insider practices such as judges’ holding 2nd offices of trust. (Photo David Tulis)

GOODLETTSVILLE, Tenn., Sunday, Dec. 3, 2023 — I challenge any judge, attorney, Senator, Representative, Commissioner, or any government official to prove me wrong. I will debate anywhere, anytime – in live-stream, in court, or in a legislative hearing room, or on the floor of the House or Senate.

By John Gentry

Our 1796 state constitution was declared by Thomas Jefferson to be the “least imperfect” and “most republican.”

Its DECLARATION OF RIGHTS includes rights not enumerated in the federal constitution or other state constitutions.

It places additional limitations upon government to protect the people from corruption – a.k.a. tyranny and oppression, limitations that do not exist in the federal constitution, or other state constitutions.

Since Tennessee has the very best constitution, Tennessee will be Ground Zero for restoring the form of government envisioned by the founders and our forefathers. I have been called to lead the way.

If we intend to preserve the American way of life, and defend our birthrights, we must first restore the provisions of our state constitution.

Among those provisions, no judge shall hold any other office of trust or profit (Article IV, § 7), and hereditary emoluments shall not be conferred (Article I, § 30).

Gross violation on ‘office of trust’

But our state government acts in gross violations of constitutional limitations, which is the breakdown and root of all corruption in government, and all dissatisfaction with government.

Judges and justices hold expressly prohibited second offices of trust in the Tennessee Code Commission and Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct. These unlawful office holdings are also unlawfully conferred hereditary emoluments.

Two Tennessee Supreme Court justices, Roger Page and Jeffrey S. Bivins, who are members of the Tennessee Code Commission use the power of their unlawful office to misconstrue and deceive what the law is, resulting in gross oppression of rights, violation of separation of powers, and a government that is tyrannical to hundreds or thousands of good citizens daily.

In the Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct; Judge Brigham, Chancellor Atherton, Judge Bray, Chancellor Childress, Judge Whitworth, and Judge McMullen use the power of their unlawful office to protect corrupt judges across the state, receiving and dismissing hundreds of complaints every year without investigation. The failures of this unlawful agency cause gross deprivation of rights, violation of separation of powers, and causes emotional and financial devastation to thousands of Tennessee families, every year.

What is an office of trust?

In the year 1890, the book “A TREATISE ON THE LAW OF PUBLIC OFFICES AND OFFICERS” was entered into the Library of Congress, by an Act of Congress. In 2005, that book was cited in a MEMORANDUM OPINION FOR THE ASSOCIATE COUNSEL TO THE PRESIDENT, defining an office of trust:

  • 1. A public office is the right, authority, and duty, created and conferred by law, … an individual is invested with some portion of the sovereign functions of the government, to be exercised by him for the benefit of the public.

  • 16. Office of Trust – An office whose duties and functions require the exercise of discretion, judgment, experience, and skill is an office of trust, and it is not necessary that the officer should have the handling of public money or property, or the care and oversight of some pecuniary interest of the government.

There can be no doubt, based upon strong supporting authority, that the Code Commission and Bd of Judicial Conduct are offices of trust.

In an email, Sen. Kerry Roberts states:

Serving on the Board of Judicial Conduct is not considered by legislators and most legal experts to be an office of trust. I know John Gentry and some others have an argument otherwise – and I respect that argument – but I’m not aware of any legislators in the General Assembly who have been swayed by that argument.

Who are these so-called legislators and “legal experts”? What are their arguments!?! Whoever they are, I say they are liars and traitors to their oaths, or at the very least, they are incompetent and unfit for office.

I have testified many times in the General Assembly about these prohibited offices of trust. Not once, have my arguments been challenged. Not once has any Senator or Representative proven me wrong.

In fact, because of my testimony before the Joint Government Operations Committee on January 27, 2020, the Honorable Senator Mark Pody asked the committee legal counsel; “Concerning the constitution, Article VI, § 7 [prohibited offices of trust] is this in any way a violation of that?” Legal counsel responded; “Doug Garrett, with legal services sir, I’ll have to check that. I… I don’t have an answer for you. But I will be glad to get back to you on it.” )See Video evidence linked below)

Our state constitution creates and establishes our government. It defines our “form of government.” Our “form of government” was crafted as it was, through experience of British Ministry corruption, to prevent corruption, and to ensure the peace, safety, and happiness of the people. That is why our constitution prohibits second offices of trust to judges.

Our first step in restoring a proper government that works for us the people, rather than the government that works for their own greed and special interest of today, is to restore the provisions of our state constitution.

I am doing my best to lead the way by example. I am trying so very hard to awaken the American Spirit, that I know sleeps in most all of you. I strive to teach and educate my fellow citizens of their birthrights, and how to defend the American way of life lawfully and peacefully.

If you would like to learn more about our state constitution and what are offices of trust and hereditary emoluments, I wrote a book explaining our state constitution. Send me an email to request an electronic copy.

In a court ORDER, Tennessee Court of Appeals Judge Jefrey Usman states,

“ *** through reading his [John Gentry] written work ***, various filings authored by him *** and his oral argument, he appears to be a citizen who is deeply passionate and knowledgeable about the Tennessee Constitution.”

John Gentry is a constitutional Republican and independent candidate for the state house of representatives, district 45, Hendersonville, Goodlettsville, Millersville. See this clip on YouTube.  Link to video of Senator Pody’s question to legal.

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