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Chain of wrongs follow warrantless arrest of reporter at judge meet

William Orange, a Franklin, Tenn., police officer arrests me without warrant and without lawful cause, even though his citation says “defendant was observed at above location without authority or consent.” At left is Lisa Hegwood, hotel manager, gulled by “legal advice” from state government lawyers into become the “victim” in the Tulis trespass and claiming Embassy Suites Cool Springs is the complaining party in his arrest. (Photo David Tulis)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Wednesday, Dec. 27, 2023 — The initial harm in your false imprisonment and false arrest November 2021 was the unwarranted disturbance to your peace, dignity, and liberty as a citizen in having been identified and regarded as an “unwanted individual” seeking to attend the annual Tennessee judicial conference meeting as a member of the press.

From that point forward, several individuals then jointly conspired to use their various positions of authority in concert to oppress and deny you of your Constitutionally secured rights.

Once the belligerent claimant peaceably refused to acquiesce and could not be provoked into disturbing the peace or causing an affray, the local police were summoned to bodily eject and extract the defendant from the hotel meeting space where he otherwise had every right to be and attend as it had been secured for official state business and paid for with public monies.

Officer bodycam videos show that specific instructions were provided from conspirators to solicit a criminal tresspass accusation from unwary and unsophisticated hotel managers untrained in the law.

Based upon falsely premised lies and false accusations of event staff, state police personnel, and AOC attorney Rachel Harmon, officer Orange then arrested and cuffed the accused without warrant, thereby depriving Mr. Tulis of his Constitutional right to remain where he was lawfully seated in exercising his Press rights under the 1st amendment, a violation of the 4th amendment.

Over Mr. Tulis’ vociferous objections and demand for the officer to obtain a warrant, Tulis was placed under arrest a publicly humiliated before a room full of magistrates and judges.

Once arrested, Tulis then immediately  demanded that he be carried before a Magistrate for examination (any of whom were present would have sufficed), this too was ignored in violation of state law and was of Mr. Tulis’ 5th Amendment right to Due Process as made applicable to the states under the 14th amendment.

The initial wrongful arrest by Officer Orange was the first domino in a long chain of ongoing and successive harms to Mr. Tulis which continued to adversely affected his rights, encumbered his liberty, and deprived him of his enjoyment of life…all the consequential sprouting vines, stemming, growing, and continuously branching from the root of the initial arrest until finally severed by the axe of General Sessions Judge M.T. Taylor with a finding of “No Probable Cause” for the initial arrest.

As such, Mr. Tulis was not simply harmed by the initial root of the arrest, he was compelled to eat the bitter fruit that emerged from the vines that continued to grow out of that root further entangling Mr. Tulis thereby restraining a depriving him in his liberty of movement and free exercise of rights.

Sadly, the Tennessee Supreme Court thereafter made an almost immediate move to repudiate the Tennessee Constitution through the enactment of a new and unconstitutional “Education Policy” which prevents members of the public or press from attendance or oversight, in violation of the State Constitution and the “reserved rights” protected under the 9th and 10th amendments.

Resultant, not only is Mr. Tulis continually harmed, but also every Tennessean is affected by the unconstitutional over-reach of the “High Powers” in violation of TN Const art XI section 16, a reservation of rights also secured by the 9th and 10th amendments as made applicable to the states by way of the 14th amendment.

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