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Reporter sends F$50 to get motor carrier permit required of millions on TN roads

Fearing arrest, I send today a F$50 check to safety commissioner Jeff Long to obtain a motor carrier permit to be part of the motor carrier system required of most everyone on the road, including Gran’ma. (Photo David Tulis)
Cmsr. David Gerregano has revoked registration on my car without due process, and I am beginning a new case in his agency, the department of revenue.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Saturday, Aug. 5, 2023 — Today I send Jeff Long, commissioner of safety, a F$50 check and a request by certified mail that he send me the federal motor carrier permit I am required by law to have as I am indistinguishable as a matter of (his interpretation of) law from every heavy-duty commercial motor carrier on the road.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

This 2000 Honda Odyssey user is trying to comply with provisions in the carrier statute at Title 65 that does not exempt him from being part of the federal motor carrier system pursuant to 49 U.S.C., transportation, and the Tennessee code.

I today face criminal prosecution by Mr. Long, revenue Cmsr. David Gerregano and their agents, assigns, privies and co-conspirators — and local LEAs such as Celeste Murphy’s Chattanooga police department — on grounds of “having no insurance.” That is the common parlance describing any of the 24,000 people every year criminally prosecuted for purported violations of Tenn. Code Ann. 55, chapter 12, the Tennessee financial responsibility act of 1977.

So, woes are piling up, and this woe — not having the motor carrier permit required of Class D licensees — is pending if Mr. Long won’t send the permit or return my check. On top of that, and more imminent, probably, a confrontation over my insisting on a proper administration of the 1977 law in a notice of contested case hearing I have sent to Cmsr. Gerregano.

Celeste Murphy, Chattanooga police chief

As I explain in my letter to Mr. Long, I have waited more than two years to get the permit. On July 3, 2020, I sent him a similar letter and a check making good-faith effort to become compliant with the law. In my letter, I explain what he did two years ago requiring me to renew my efforts.

This step is a close reading of the ingredients list on the packaging of a Tennessee secret sauce. That is the GMO-laden fraud run by state governments in my state and in yours that serves up criminal prosecutions of tens of thousands of people every year in every state for violating the state trucking laws. The pretense is that Gran’ma, the soccer mom with two children in seatbelts heading to swim lessons and a ballfield and Tennessee attorney general Jonathan Skrmetti’s pastor are operators of motor vehicles and thusly motor carriers in commerce carrying goods and people for hire, even if they’re not. To make the scam work, Cmsr. Long is refusing to collect the carrier permit every year from 6 million Tennessee registered car owners who are by his pretense and presumption commercial carriers not exempt. The failure to collect the tax is an injury to state government and to its federal overlords, who probably won’t be too happy to see how things are being run in lil ole Tenner-see.

The tax due on the est. 6 million registered cars x $50 a year for the permit is F$300 million a year uncollected — just to keep the money flowing the state’s approved list of insurance companies, many publicly traded.

Trying to obey law, but safety dept. won’t let me

Jeff Long is the Tennessee commissioner of safety, and is under administrative notice about extra-legal activities of his armed troopers. In light of his silence, Tennessee transportation administrative notice establishes his actions as done knowingly and intentionally. (Photo department of safety)

Dear Commissioner Long, I am a licensee of the department. I do not appear among the parties given as exempt from having the motor carrier permit at Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 65-15-103, exempt vehicles — applicability. 

Enclosed is a personal check for F$50 made out to your department of safety and homeland security. It is remitted so that you might send me the permit to be a motor carrier. I sent you a nearly identical letter dated July 3, 2020, requesting the carrier permit. In that letter, I enclosed a F$50 check payable to the department that you did not cash with remittal of the permit. Nor did you return the check with an explanation that I am not liable for the tax and do not need the permit even though by Title 55 generally I am a motor carrier.

I remit this payment under duress. I use my car for private purposes only, for pleasure and the exercise of my rights. I do not carry people or goods for hire and for private profit or gain nor have an occupation in which the principal place of business is the road itself.

To avoid arrest by you for being on the road without a driver license, I have done everything in my power to comply with the rules of Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55, motor and other vehicles, and Title 65, chapter 15. 

To start with, in good faith, I obtained a Class D driver license, copy enclosed. In good faith and to avoid arrest, I converted a family car into a motor vehicle by application to the county clerk so that the car is registered as a motor vehicle under your department’s privilege system. In good faith and to avoid arrest by you and your agents, I carry insurance for the use of one car as a driver and operator under your department. For another car in my service, I do not have insurance, and use this car under necessity for the exercise of my rights.

Since the use of neither car appears exempt from having the permit for use in commerce, I remit this check and request you send the permit. Please let me know if you need further information from me to fulfill this request.

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