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Final shots in shooting of Heard = public execution

“Roger Heard was a violent felon who shot a police officer,” says DA Coty Wamp in defending the evening’s public safety activities of city officer Celtain Batterson, in red shirt, aiming down and shooting Roger Heard. (Photo Chattanooga police department)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Friday, Aug. 25, 2023 – The lawfully permissible cop killing of Roger Heard terminates with what video shows is an execution.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio Network

The ultimate horror of an arrest-turned-gunbattle at a crowded gasoline fueling plaza in Chattanooga is that sequence of final shots two weeks ago today. Officer Celtain Batterson keeps firing at the inert form of Mr. Heard, lying on his back on tarmac next to a gasoline pump, no weapon in hand, seconds after having shot at least one bullet that hits Mr. Batterson in the arm.

Officer Batterson shoots in self-defense after being shot at – and hit – by Mr. Heard, who bolts out of his car and attempts to flee. At least one officer fires at Mr. Heard, and Mr. Heard is on the tarmac, perhaps wounded, his head toward Mr. Batterson, who excitedly fires down upon him with his black automatic.

Officer Batterson is a city employee serving serving Mayor Tim Kelly. Mr. Heard was under arrest under a reported warrant.

Security camera video with no sound is public. It’s not known how many bullets Mr. Batterson fires at Mr. Heard. Each successive bullet fired is a step toward an execution, bullets fired upon one who in course of being hit ceases to be a threat to officer safety.

Officers are trained to use force exhaustively to subdue a threat to their personal safety, or the safety of other people. Lethal force, used exhaustively, affects spontaneous capital punishment without trial, conviction or possibility of appeal.

Mr. Heard is said to have been killed properly under T.C.A. 39-11-620, use of deadly force by a law enforcement officer.

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