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Remonstrance expert runs for governor on judicial reform platform

John Gentry of Goodlettsville, right, backstops reporter David Tulis with a petition for writ of habeas corpus after his arrest Nov. 6, 2021, coverting the illegally secret Tennessee judicial conference in Franklin, Tenn. Mr. Gentry has fought for judicial reform in numerous court engagements, and says as governor he would use executive power to end lawyer- and judge-caused corruption statewide. (Photo John Gentry)

As a citizen like you, in my fight against rampant corruption in our state government, I have accomplished more than anyone.

By John Gentry / Gentry4ThePeople

Imagine what I could do elected and vested with the supreme executive power vested in the governor (Art III, § 1). Executive Power is the power to bring the law into effect. I will use that power to tear down corruption like none before me.

I am the first person since the year 1850 to have a Petition of Remonstrance received and recorded in the journals of both houses of the Tennessee General Assembly. That remonstrance the first in the history of our republic, formerly and lawfully protesting a corrupt government acting in gross violation of its state constitution.

My remonstrance shook the foundations of corruption nationwide causing legislative rule books to be rewritten to fend off my attack.

I caused more than a dozen corrupt judges to be removed from office (there will be more when elected). No one, not even the FBI I don’t think, has caused so many judges to be removed from office in one fell swoop.

I caused the corrupt Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct to be re-formed from all judges to 8 judges, 4 attorneys, and 6 citizens putting in place some semblance of accountability of our corrupt judiciary.

I have docketed three cases against corrupt state officials and attorneys in the Supreme Court of the Untied States. I backstopped radio journalist David Tulis with a petition for writ of habeas corpus when he insisted on his right to report on the secretive Tennessee judicial conference Nov. 6, 2021, in Franklin, in which he was arrested without probable cause, which case was dismissed.

This is only a little of what I have accomplished in my fight against rampant corruption in our state government.

I have done all of this, as a citizen like you. I am not connected, I don’t have lots of money. There was nothing for me to gain personally in my fight.

I engaged in this fight because I am dedicated to the principles upon which our republic was founded. I engaged in this fight because I refuse to accept that the men and women who gave ultimate sacrifice to establish and preserve this republic did so in vain.

As governor, I will use every lawful means, and all power vested in me to put an end to corruption for generations to come.

I implore you, put aside your misguided party loyalty. Put me in office and you will see a healing of our republic as has not occurred since we declared independence. This I swear to you, and before God Almighty.

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