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City asked to comment on CV-19 jab mass harm

Ellis Smith, a Mayor Kelly official, right, listens as Celeste Murphy speaks at a city hall press conference after being introduced as the new chief of police in Chattanooga. (YouTube)

Dear Ellis, The data is piling in that city government is a willing participant in a fraud that is costing human lives, that its role in dispensing untested shots degrades life and health in the city, and that this activity is knowing and intentional.

[The following is my Aug. 28, 2022, letter to Ellis Smith, special projects overseer for Tim Kelly, Chattanooga mayor, seeking a statement about statewide death data from the CV-19 injection project. I have reported that the deaths calculated to have been caused by Hamilton County to be 508. But what is the actual count? Is city government paying attention to safety protocols, results and effects of the industrial product it so vigorously pushed? Do elected and hired officials care about effects of this experiment on the public? — DJT]

Ellis, the best numbers I can find about the rising toll statewide are here:

The county’s Dr. James Metcalfe, medical examiner, has not raised the alarm of the physical harm of the CBV-19 jab, namely death of people otherwise in good health, whose death is required to be investigated under state law. His silence by report does not mean the city can continue playing along with the fraud, and not turn against it to start making amends.

That is to account for jab harms by openly soliciting contact these people in acts of good faith. Liability, at some point, will attach to the corporation city of Chattanooga, and one individual within it acting outside statutory or ordinance authority.

As a member of the press, and the party representing state of Tennessee as relator in State ex rel. David Jonathan Tulis v. Bill Lee, against mass fraud and mass irreparable harm, I have been putting the city on notice the past 695 days since filing suit.

I am asking for Tim Kelly’s comments, quotes and reactions to the above report for a followup story, on TNtrafficticket and on NoogaRadio Network at my show 8A every weekday. Respectfully yours, etc.

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