A woman who on Facebook goes by Taylor Louise, a Soddy-Daisy mom of two, works at her desk at Parkridge Medical Center after she uncovers her face and before being fired. The hospital fired her upon a legal presumption that Taylor could have rebutted by the establishing of a proper administrative record showing an absence of facts. (Photo Taylor Louise)

created a form to ask healthcare workers to speak anonymously about what they are seeing.

By Steve Kirsch / Vaccine Safety Research Foundation

Here’s what they said in their own words. And here, a quick summary:

  1. They are afraid to come out publicly due to intimidation tactics such as loss of job and/or license to practice medicine.
  2. Unvaccinated healthcare workers are extremely upset with the medical community. They feel they have been treated unfairly.
  3. It is the vaccinated workers who are getting sick with COVID, but it is the unvaccinated who are punished with constant testing, restrictions, and threats of losing their jobs.
  4. The COVID shots are a disaster. Even for the elderly which is supposed to be the most compelling use case, death rates in elderly homes went up by a factor of 5 after the shots rolled out. Each time the shots are given, the deaths spike. Nobody is talking publicly about this. It’s not allowed.
  5. Doctors are seeing rates of injury and death increase dramatically in all ages of people. The injuries are only happening to the vaccinated. There is no doubt that this is happening but many doctors have so much cognitive dissonance that they don’t see it.
  6. One nurse with 23 years of experience says she’s never heard of anyone under 20 dying from cardiac issues until the vaccines rolled out. Now she knows of around 30 stories.
  7. Doctors aren’t recording vaccination status in the medical records so that all the deaths are attributed to the unvaccinated.
  8. Doctors are deliberately ignoring the possibility that the vaccines could be the cause of all the elevated events. The events are simply all unexplained.
  9. Many doctors have either quit or will quit.
  10. Some doctors and nurses at top institutions such as Mass General Hospital have falsified vaccine cards. They publicly toe the line and encourage their patients to take the shot knowing full well it is deadly. They value their job more than the lives of their patients. The important thing is they are risking 10 years in jail for doing this. These highly respected medical workers are telling the world that these COVID shots are so dangerous that they are willing to risk 10 years in prison to avoid taking the shot. That’s the message America needs to hear. And if Biden were an honest President, he would call for full amnesty and protection from retaliation for all these cases if people admitted publicly they did this. He’d be amazed at the number of responses he’d get. But he won’t do that because it would be too embarrassing for his administration.
  11. Things don’t seem to be getting any better.
  12. The medical examiners all over the world are not doing the property tests during an autopsy to detect a vaccine-related death. Without doing the required tests, it is very hard to make an association. There isn’t a single “guidance” document from any medical authority anywhere in the world to do these tests on people who die within 3 months of their last COVID vaccination. This is why no associations are found: they aren’t looking.
  13. Doctors are being forced to take other vaccines (such as the HIV vaccine) so the hospital can meet their quota. This was admitted to them.

Tech forces local hospital to fire her

Taylor Louise following orders at Parkridge Medical Center in East Ridge, Tenn. (Photo Taylor Louise)

Says Taylor Louise of Soddy-Daisy in a Facebook post today:

I was THROWN out of the Healthcare system. March 2021 was a life-changing month. I was working in a hospital in Chattanooga and saw much deception going on. Since the beginning of the “plandemic” I had scanned one Covid-positive patient.

Volumes were way down and I saw many older patients being forced to get tested without having any symptoms, a friend in the lab who told me about raising the cycles for the PCR tests, and when I asked about Flu death numbers from 2019 and 2020, I was told “that information does not exist” from my supervisor.

Day after day I passed the healthcare logo…you know, the one with the snake wrapping around the staff? Everyday I knew I was a part of an evil healthcare system, but being a single mom with no other option at the time (I was creating a business on the side), I could not walk away. In March 2021, I was fed up with having to wear a mask that doesn’t work, made me lightheaded, and more importantly promoted FEAR. I wanted NO part in that. It’s not worth feeding your family on a lie.

Fear is not from God but from Satan himself, and there is a definite demonic hold over the healthcare “sickcare” system. So I did something about it. I took off my mask. *** I was in the ER 5 days a week for 3 weeks and I did NOT get sick! Three weeks later, my supervisor let me know it was policy to wear a mask even though NO paper evidence was produced to show it was policy nor did I sign any agreement to do so. They asked for official medical documentation to not wear a mask. Two days later, I sent over a Medical Mask Exemption from my doctor. They refused my exemption and gave me my 2 options.

Comply or resign. I asked them to look at the real science of the masks and how they cause more harm than good, I asked them to produce their scientific evidence of why a mask works when it specifically says on the box it does not stop a virus. They shut me down and pushed towards those 2 options. So I responded that I would not comply as it goes against my morals and against health and science, and I was not resigning. Their response: YOU’RE TERMINATED!

Troubling picture of healthcare

It is very difficult to read that document and come away thinking that everything is working fine.

If you read the document and think everything is just fine, it means one or more of the following is true:

  1. You work in the White House
  2. You work at the CDC, FDA, or NIH
  3. You are a member of Congress or are a staff member for a member of Congress (Ron Johnson and his staff are excluded)
  4. You work in the mainstream media
  5. You work in the mainstream medical community (doctor or academic)
  6. You are a miserable excuse for a human being
  7. You are an exemplary blue-pilled individual; you are just the type of citizen that your government wants to have

Act now

If you read through the document and are as troubled by what is going on and you want to hold these people accountable, there are two simple thing you can do to make a difference:

  1. Share this article on all your social media platforms
  2. Make a donation to help re-elect Senator Ron Johnson (click here for the donation link). He’s the most important person in Congress that will hold these people accountable. This is why he’s the #1 target of Democrats.

Want to speak to any of these people?

If you are a member of the press and want to speak to any of these people, you can use the Contact me form to make your request. In the Notes part of the form, specify the database line number of the person(s) you want to contact.

Please share this post widely

The mainstream press will not share this information. These are all true stories, many of which are impossible to explain if the vaccines are truly safe and effective. Taken together, they are a stunning indictment of a medical system corrupted through government incentives.

It is important for people throughout the world to hear from the healthcare workers whose voices have been silenced by the medical community. Please do it now.


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