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Eatery touts Christian origins of Pennsylvania as outraged left seeks to shut its doors

Tied House and St. Boniface Craft Brewing is facing storm of criticism as its owners seek to host a conference focusing on Pennsylvania’s deeply Christian roots. (Photo Tied House and St. Boniface Craft Brewing on Gab)
Tied House and St. Boniface Craft Brewing are under siege from social media censors.

A Christian-owned business is being viciously attacked for plans to hold an event about Christian engagement in politics. For the past several days, there has been a social media firestorm over a Christian-owned restaurant and brewery in Ephrata, Pa., planning to host lectures on the founding of Pennsylvania as an explicitly Christian state and what that fact means for contemporary politics.

By Pastor Andrew Isker / Gab News

The social media of Tied House and St. Boniface Craft Brewing erupted with a torrent of left-wing outrage. Other businesses have begun to refuse to serve the brewery’s popular beer. And local politicians are eager to do whatever they can to take this business down. This controversy is the most important story in Christendom right now because the question of whether small, Christian-owned businesses can exist and operate as Christian in public in America is being answered.

That attention was being called to the undeniable Christian heritage of one of America’s earliest colonies is unacceptable to masses animated by a demonic ideology. In the local liberal rag, the repugnant journalist is forced to admit that, yes, indeed, Pennsylvania required its public officials to be Christians and to profess the divine inspiration of the Old and New Testaments. But, he notes, clauses like that in State Constitutions were struck down by the United States Supreme Court “almost 50 years ago” and the Pennsylvania State Constitution was amended to remove it in 1968. Weird! What a coincidence that you can almost trace the decline of the country to that very period!

The local, anti-Christian, globalist rag, as it attempts to gin up even more left-wing outrage, even brought in notorious liberal Baptist leader Amanda Tyler, a favorite of the occupational D.C. regime, to comment on the very dangerous threat of Christian Nationalism. Tyler predictably brought up ridiculous secularist canards like the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition of religious tests for Federal office asserting that its existence requires the kind of apostate Christian pluralism that began to take hold in the post-WWII period that liberals who hate Jesus love. What is the problem with this assertion? The story had already admitted the Pennsylvania Constitution’s religious test antedated the U.S. Constitution and remained in place for over 150 years after the U.S. Constitution was ratified! 

Explicitly Christian state up ’til 1968

What does this mean? Right up until 1968 Pennsylvania was an explicitly Christian state. How many people were even aware of this!? This is what the demonic, antiChristian ideology requires: total historical ignorance. They want everyone to believe the way things are are the way they have always been. Their ideology cannot hold power unless the entire populace believes we have always been in the atheistic, materialist, secularist “utopia” and that any suggestion that this might not be the best way to live (much less a revolution against the way our ancestors have always lived for millennia!) is extremely dangerous Christian Nationalism.

But the irony, as you look at the summary of the whole controversy by the anti-Christian press, is that they have to admit that the “dangerous Christian Nationalism” espoused by the speakers of the event is what pretty much everyone believed right up until 1968. There are people still alive who were well into adulthood and who still remember life before this! 

What this controversy shows is that the battle over the soul of our nation is not over. The anti-Christian left believes that they have totally and conclusively won. They believe Godless Globalism has defeated Christian Nationalism. And when a restaurant & craft brewery announces they are going to host an event that questions the dominance of Godless Globalism and asks “maybe it might be good to go back to the way it was before our country was a disgusting trash heap?” just to ask the question is a signal that demonic, secular left-wing ideology is not as all-powerful as they think. If to ask the question if maybe it would be better to have an explicitly Christian country causes such outrage, the lady doth protest too much. They have to react this way to a challenge to their power or else the entire house of cards is exposed.

Therefore, it is the duty of Christians to do whatever we can to support and encourage our brothers who have stepped out in faith. If you live in such a way that you proclaim Christ as King over everything, even the King over America, you will be labeled with Bolshevik slurs like “Christian Nationalist.” These brothers of ours who have challenged the demonic power of the regime are paying a great price for it. There is a chance they could lose everything they have spent their lives building.

Christian nationalism vs. Christainity?

This is precisely the kind of persecution Christians are going to face as a hostile culture is threatened by the name of Jesus Christ. The truth is “our democracy” (whatever that is) really is threatened by Him. What they call “Christian Nationalism,” which is really just the fact that Jesus Christ has ascended to the right hand of God the Father to rule heaven and earth, is a great threat to the globalist regime. The more they reject Him and His rule over the planet, the more that simple faith and devotion to Christ and His Word is utterly intolerable to them. You are either loyal to the “democracy” of Liz Cheney and Admiral “Rachel” Levine or, to Jesus Christ. Christ’s enemies are pushing the antithesis. It is time we pushed back.

The best way that you can support Tied House and St. Boniface Craft Brewing, if you are not able to visit and patronize their businesses in person (and if you haven’t yet deleted your Zuckerface data-harvesting accounts), is to counter the deluge of left-wing hate on their company’s Facebook pages, here and here. Social media has a far bigger effect than you realize.

The two minutes of hate that they are receiving because the media has summoned a legion of deranged libs is demoralizing and is something that could put them out of business. Just the act of going on there, voicing your support of them and their business, and countering the lies has a massive effect, too. If employees and owners and patrons know the silent majority is on their side, they won’t give up and they will not surrender to leftwing maniacs. You can make a massive difference just by supporting this business as they are attacked on all sides. Do not let the leftist mob win!

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