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‘Passed suddenly’ — U.S. enters long night of jab, mystery deaths

Public health-caused death on a vast scale is passing with little public outcry, and evidences of irregular deaths among people otherwise health are visible — barely — in local obituaries.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 96.9 FM

The CV-19 onslaught against the life of the population is difficult to assess because the public has been propagandized for two years by media, government agencies, talking heads and pundits on TV and phone screens in what psychology faculty member at Ghent University Mathias Desmet calls “mass formation psychosis.”

Josh Collins dies

They have been so thoroughly trained to think of the Covid jabs as ”safe and effective’ that evidence that they are not is invisible or not significant.

➤ Ollie’s worker and Hixson High graduate Joshua Brent Collins of Hixson “died suddenly on Thursday, May 20, 2021, in Nashville.” He leaves behind a son. “He enjoyed midnight raids for gas station snacks, foosball and big dogs. Josh was an avid music lover, often playing the same songs on repeat for months on end, while wearing his sister’s “borrowed” rock band shirts. He colored to calm his spirit and loved shooting bottle rockets out of his bedroom window with his cousins and friends.” 

Hannah Price — Chris Daughtry daughter — dies suddenly.

➤ The “sudden death” in November 2021 of Hannah Price, daughter of singer Chris Daughtry, caused his concerts to be canceled. “Due to the unexpected death of Chris and Deanna Daughtry’s daughter, Hannah, all currently scheduled shows for the coming week for Daughtry have been canceled or postponed,” according to a Twitter post from a band member. “‘I am still processing the last 24 hours. I am absolutely devastated,’ Daughtry, who was on the show American Idol, said. ‘This hurts so deeply.’”

➤ On March 22  local radio personality Kelly McCoy and KZ-106 host vanishes in what her Chattanoogan.com death notice refers to as a “sudden passing” at 58 “after a short illness.” Ms. McCoy was part of the fabric of Chattanooga during a radio career that spanned more than 35 years following her years as an East Ridge Pioneer and Boyd-Buchanan Buccaneer. She began her radio career at Chattanooga’s first news radio station, WZRA, before moving to WGOW-AM as programming secretary then on-air host at the Top 40 music station, to classic rock WFXS, and then to classic rock KZ-106 where she became the area’s top midday radio host for two decades.

Radio personality Kelly McCoy dies

“Ms. McCoy was part of the fabric of Chattanooga during a radio career that spanned more than 35 years following her years as an East Ridge Pioneer and Boyd-Buchanan Buccaneer. She began her radio career at Chattanooga’s first news radio station, WZRA, before moving to WGOW-AM as programming secretary then on-air host at the Top 40 music station, to classic rock WFXS, and then to classic rock KZ-106 where she became the area’s top midday radio host for two decades.”

Mayor Tim Kelly offers his condolences. “​​‘Kelly made it her mission for more than 30 years to keep our spirits high, our hearts full, and our toes tapping. *** “She was a local treasure who kept us laughing, who went above and beyond to serve not just her radio audience, but anyone in Chattanooga who needed someone to lean on.”

Tou Mao Vang dies

➤ Just west of Memphis, in a town called Bolivar, a man who got the CV-19 jab comes down with Covid, and perishes in a hospital. Bolivar resident Tou Mao Vang, who recently became a new father, died at the young age of 30 due to COVID-19 complications.

His sister, Annie Imoto says Vang was diagnosed with the virus just one week after his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. “His wife and baby, they went for a checkup for the baby’s one month checkup, and they came home and they weren’t feeling well,” Imoto said.

Imoto says once his wife and daughter tested positive for COVID-19, Vang tested positive shortly thereafter.

“At that point, all three of them were at the hospital, and the baby and mom left to go home to recover and my brother stayed behind,” Imoto said. Vang remained in the hospital for two weeks until his death on Sunday, Aug. 29, according to Wbbjtv.com. 

“Vang’s death has inspired the rest of their family to get the COVID-19 vaccine after being hesitant to before.”

Cpl.Daniel Wallace death procession. (Photo www.wbbjtv.com)
Cpl. Daniel Wallace dies unexpectedly from causes unknown.

➤ Nearby, in Brownsville, Tenn., “unexpected death” befalls police officer Cpl. Daniel Wallace of the Brownsville police department, according to a TV report Aug. 26, 2021. “​​The family and fellow officers of Cpl. Daniel Wallace honored him early Thursday morning after his unexpected death.

Wallace complained of chest pains during his shift on Monday and was taken to Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, where he underwent surgery.

He died just before midnight on Wednesday at the age of 29. He had been with the department five years.

➤ A former Chattanoogan who moved to Arkansas dies suddenly at 30. “Michael Alan Franklin, age 30, of Rogers, Ark., passed away suddenly Sunday February 6, 2022, in Rogers. He was born March 6, 1991, in Chattanooga, Tenn., the son of Steven Alan Franklin and Katherine Reah (Johnson) Franklin. *** Michael and his family relocated from Chattanooga to Lowell, Ark. in 1995,” according to an obituary in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

Ellie Rose Hoover dies

➤ Robert Holden of Chattanooga loses a granddaughter to instant and inexplicable death. Ellie Rose Hoover, “passed away suddenly” on May 20 at her home in St. Cloud, Minn.”Ellie was a freshman at Apollo High School where she was a member of GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance). She loved drawing, listening to music and watching anime.

Joshua Hull Lindgren dies at 47

➤ People visit Chattanooga, and end up dying here. Joshua Hull Lindgren, 47, of Chaska, Minn., “died unexpectedly”  Sept. 30, 2021, in Chattanooga. He had four children and was a business owner.”Josh and his mom, Marilee, owned and operated MOJO Properties in Chaska for ten years. He loved sports, especially playing hockey. He enjoyed building and remodeling and had a knack for restoring old homes to their natural beauty.” 

For other deaths, see https://tnt23.wpengine.com/2022/05/county-plods-along-in-u-s-mass-casualty-live-exercise/

➤ Former News 12 meteorologist Clint Boone “died suddenly on the job” after his Saturday night show at a Tulsa TV station, KOTV. Mr. Boone had worked in Chattanooga from 1997 to 2000. His death was  Feb. 6, Sunday morning.

Kristin Domer dies

➤ Lookout Valley high school grad Kristin Nicole Domer, 30, of Wartrace, Tenn., formerly of Jasper, Tennessee, “passed away unexpectedly” Nov. 29, 2021. She was a member of the 2009 graduating class of Lookout Valley High School and worked at Enable Comp in Tullahoma. Her husband was Heath Domer of  Wartrace, and her parents live in Jaspter, Tenn.

Karen Marchell Ellison Marshall dies

Karen Marchell Ellison Marshall, 51, of Dunlap, Tenn. “passed away unexpectedly” Oct. 18, 2021, according to a death notice in Chattanoogan.com. “Karen had a huge heart, loved her family and always put others first. She loved being a grandmother to all eight of her grandchildren. Karen worked as the director of nursing at Ascension Assisted Living, where she loved her job and made an impact on all who met her. She loved the Lord and was a member of Sawyer Missionary Baptist Church.”

Brandon Lee Stewart

➤ A father of two and a man active in his church “passed away unexpectedly,” according to the death notice of Brandon Lee Stewart, 35. He perished Nov. 18, 2021. “He was a loving husband, father, son, brother, grandson, and friend to all that knew him.  Brandon was born and raised in Cleveland.  He loved his family and his Lord, Jesus Christ, with a fierce passion that most people could only dream of.  He was an active member of his church, Benton Pike House of Prayer, and the gospel singing group, Forgiven By Grace.  Brandon loved spreading God’s Word and sharing his own testimony with others.”

Not warned and grieving

➤ A family is grieving at the death of a family member and complaining that it was not warned about side effects of the CV-19 shots. Timothy Hornsby died after getting a booster. He was a resident of Madison County, between Memphis and Nashville. The following is from WBBJ Eyewitness news: “His family says 36-year-old Timothy Hornsby took his second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine last month and the next morning, they say he started felling ill.

“He said he felt bad, he had chills, aches, pain, headaches, legs hurting. He was healthy, he had no known problems,” said [father Rocky] Hornsby. Two days later his father says his son’s health took an unexpected turn.

“‘My wife got up and noticed it was getting late in the morning and then she went in his bed room, opened the curtains and was talking to him. He didn’t respond so she pulled the covers out and found that he had passed,’ said Hornsby.” The following is from the TV report:

“The family claims Hornsby was never told about the vaccine’s possible side effects.

“If he had known what the shot would’ve done, the adverse reactions to the shot, he wouldn’t have taken it. The only reason why he took it is because I have cancer and he didn’t want to bring COVID on to me because I wouldn’t make it through COVID,” said Hornsby

This sudden death, connected to the jab, draws the attention of a TV station in Madison County, Tenn.

While the conclusive reason for Hornsby’s death is still unknown, his family says they hope others can hear their message.

The Hornsby family is awaiting autopsy results to determine if their son’s cause of death was related to potential reactions from the vaccine.

Ian Christopher Asmussen

Ian Christopher Asmussen, 36, “died suddenly” Feb. 27, 2022. Known for his work at Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint and for his wonderful mandolin improv backup with many groups around Chattanooga. Born in Ohio, he grew up in Sewanee, Tenn. He graduated from St. Andrew’s-Sewanee School and received his bachelor’s degree from Skidmore College. “He worked at a number of restaurants in the Chattanooga area, where his kind and considerate treatment of the people he supervised as well as his friendly and cheerful customer service endeared him to all who knew him. Ian was a dedicated improv performer, first on guitar in high school and college, then switching to mandolin in recent years. He performed with grace and taste always in his quiet and understated way.”

Americans view the sudden and inexplicable deaths of healthy young athletes as normal, such as that of Caleb Swanigan.

Caleb Swanigan, a basketball player, dies Monday at 25 from “natural causes,” according to the Allen County, Ind., coroner’s office. He went from being homeless to about to be an NBA top pick. And now he’s dead, right before the big payoff that he worked so hard to achieve. Says Steve Kirsch, founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation: Doctors remained puzzled as to why all these healthy young people like Caleb Swanigan are dying of natural causes. In every case, there is no foul play or drugs involved. Their body just suddenly “stops working.” And all these weird deaths only started happening after the COVID vaccines rolled out. And they are only happening to vaccinated people. These deaths have something in common that is causing them, but none of the mainstream doctors, coroners, or medical examiners can figure out the pattern. It’s puzzling. A real medical mystery!

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