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Taxes on gold, silver in TN to vanish; after 42 years, victory

On the pretense that gold and silver are not money, Tennessee state government taxes transactions of gold and silver. (Photo 10th Amendment Center)

HIGH POINT, Tenn., Thursday April 22, 2022 — Today at 10:44 my phone rang.  It was Tennessee Senator Frank Nicely to inform me that the bill to remove the sales tax from silver and gold in Tennessee will definitely pass.  

By Franklin Sanders / The Moneychanger

We have been working on this in Tennessee, with Senator Nicely’s help, since 2011, but I have been fighting the sales tax on silver and gold since I entered the business in 1980.

Franklin Sanders

Think about it:  they are applying the sales tax to money, as if you handed bank teller a $10 bill for change and she gave you back $9.25.  Worse than than, almost all states’ laws as well as the US constitution plus a plethora of US Supreme Court cases define money as gold and silver coin.  One case even specifically states it’s not the “coin” that’s makes it money but the metal!

In the 1980s  and the  1990s I spent years fighting the sales tax.  In 1991 I was found guilty of “delaying and depriving the state of revenue to which it is entitled at the time it is entitled thereto.”  This happened although the state had never created an assessment to become entitled to anything. 

Yes, I was the very first person every prosecuted under this law in the 19 years it had been on the books, and I became a felon and went to prison for several months, but it will be one frozen day in hell before I am ashamed of that, because I was right and it was my duty to fight.  I know what the law is because I spent thousands of hour studying it.  

You can read the whole story here of how I became, in the words of an assistant  US attorney, “the most dangerous man in the Mid-South.”  I used to think that was hilariously funny since I am such a meek and mild-mannered fellow, but having pondered it for years, I reckon she was right.  

As far as their whole system of lies, theft, usurpation, suppression of rights, and oppression was concerned, I was dangerous.  God knows, I pray I was a danger to that.

So I don’t mind telling y’all that after 42 years of fighting the sales tax, even though it wasn’t technically abolished the way I might have preferred, when Senator Nicely told me the news plentiful tears sprang to my eyes.  We have won, all of us, not just me.  

A great barrier has been removed from gold and silver circulating as money, our rights have been restored.  We are just a little freer today than we were yesterday.  And I know, too, that more freedom is on the way!  Thanks be to God, who rules all things, and give us grace to fight!

Argentum et aurum comparanda sunt.
Silver and gold must be bought.

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