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Love of money drives policing, commercial gov’t

Jon Luman of Red Bank, Tenn., has defeated criminal charges filed against him for his exercise of the right of ingress and egress, a part of his right of communication, speech and travel. (Photo David Tulis)
This tag gives police notice about the legal status of the auto’s occupant — that of one acting noncommercially and privately on the people’s right of way. Jon Luman’s car bears one at the rear bumper. (Photo David Tulis)

The licensing and regulation of private travel has become a stream of recurring revenue for municipalities and state governments.

By Christopher Sapp / Midstate Bureau Chief 96.9 FM

The Supreme Court has rightly observed that, “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” The same principle applies to the power of licensing and regulation.

Due to the corrupting influence of quick easy money states and municipalities, by and through their “corporation courts” (aka traffic court), have over time transformed community-based peace officers into roving bands of road pirates right out of the movie Mad Max of Thunderdome.

Instead of living in the enjoyment of a constitutional society guarded by Andy Griffith, we find ourselves living in a time in lawlessness where constitutional guarantees are simply ignored and disregarded by the courts.

As a result, the people are viewed as an enemy of the state who must be ruled and subdued by the iron fist of Robocop and Judge Dread, who roam the streets culling and harvesting the people to feed the belly of the beast through the exaction of fines, penalties and court costs.

Instead of being a nation of the free and the brave as God intended, we have become a nation of wage slaves who cower in fear. We have been stripped of our glorious liberties and been given the tattered rags of an illusion of freedom in exchange.

Big government has become our master rather than our servant and the people have been reduced to free-ranging chickens on someone else’s tax farm.

Am I the only one realizing the theft of my family’s nest egg?

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