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What’s at stake in Tuesday’s oral arguments over Covid disaster

A protester holds up a note from Bradley County judge Sheridan Randolph saying he is closing his court to the public “due to Covid” while other courts are open that day. The protesters are supporters of Jessica Hedgcock, charged with criminal trespass by a local imaging clinic. Judge Randolph refused her a probable cause hearing, delaying it until March 10. (Photo David Tulis)
Glenda Pappu, with bullhorn, and about 40 supporters gather in front of the Bradley County, Tenn., courts/jail complex Feb. 7 to support Jessica Hedgcock, charged with criminal trespass for not wearing a chin diaper and refusing to leave Cleveland Imaging after a staffer demanded she depart. (Photo David Tulis)
On Tuesday David Tulis will have a hearing, viewable on YouTube, like this one, before the court of appeals targeting the fraudulent state of emergency in Tennessee. The courts of appeal have signaled they have a bias and prejudice in favor of Gov. Bill Lee, one of the respondents. (Photo David Tulis)
Jessica Hedgcock stands in front of the courts building in Bradley County, Tenn., Feb. 7, 2022, for a preliminary and probable cause hearing after Cleveland Clinic called police and had her arrested on a criminal trespassing charge for insisting on her appointment with a bare face. (Photo David Tulis)
The so-called “Covid-19” pandemic “response” has abrogated much of the federal constitution, and much of the Tennessee constitution, too. A protester gives out free copies in Bradley County. (Photo David Tulis)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Feb. 11,2022 — On Tuesday I will be making oral arguments in our case, state of Tennessee ex rel David Jonathan Tulis V. Bill Lee, governor et al. I represent the state and her 6.8 million people.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

Oral arguments are a way the judges put into mind in one gulp the high, detailed arguments of both sides. I am contesting four orders of dismissal from Hamilton County chancery.

The hearing is live on YouTube at the TNcourts channel. The hearing starts at 11:30 a.m.

Janet Kleinfelter, a moof defending chief moof, Gov. Bill Lee. (Photo YouTube)

The suit pits the law as against two respondents, or people I’m suing, who are in violation of the health law claiming not to be subject to it. Orals put the issues into a conversational framework and humanize the conflict. I am preparing to give an overview of the whole, not give a mini-argument made in a 57-page appellate brief and a 24-page reply brief.

Judges ask questions, they get the whole case compressed. I get a chance to say what happened below, and demand these judges rule immediately in favor to uphold the law, or order respondents to “show cause” why they are disobeying the law.

I will get 15 minutes. 

Gov. Lee will get 15 minutes. And Becky Barnes, the now retired administrator the health department, will get 15 minutes. The governor is served by attorney Janet Kleinfelter of the AG’s office. Mrs. Barnes by Sharon Milling of the county attorney (Rheubin Taylor’s) office.

Fleenor orders in sights

It will be important for me to establish that the rulings in the chancery record, at the hand of judge Pamela Fleenor, are unjust, frivolous, irrational, violating the actual law, arbitrarily and capriciously not giving me the relief that is my due. The argument is not vs. the respondents, but vs. the four orders of dismissal.

I came into Judge Fleenor’s court, demanding equity and justice to end the fraud and scam of Covid-19 pandemic, as it is known. Our case was in her unjust hands 201 days, with numerous findings, determinations, discernings, holdings, deemings and concludings that say I entered the lawsuit with empty pieces of paper, was not injured and that Gov. Lee and his claque are not bound to obey the law at T.C.A. 68-5-104.

Judge Fleenor, who is a Republican seeking re-election, continually misread the law or ignored the law or misapplied the law. A mandamus case has to be handled “forthwith,” which means immediately if not sooner. The supreme court rejected three detailed filings showing she is a rogue mismanager of that chancery division.

Judge Fleenor is, apparently, a practicing Christian and member at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church (PCA). She has been ill-taught, has neglected the gospel claims demanding equity, which is to say civil liberty and the submission of ministers (state and church alike) to the law of God as summarized in Romans 13 and the 10 commandments.

The Republican party is a whole has participated in the breaches and overthrow of Tennessee law. The party candidates for office today are gaslighting the public by pretending that nothing important happened in the past two years.

Republicans accept overthrow

The abuses of executive peremptory government by state actors Lee et al, under color of law and in their own personal capacities only, are upon the people as a whole. These oath-takers and employees I am suing have violated oaths and terms of employment. They have committed the crime of official misconduct, which is a felony in Tenn. Code Ann. Title 39. They violated the 2002 terrorism prevention act. They established in March-April 2020 a state of martial law, absolutely forbidden in the bill of rights. 

The CV-19 overthrow of the people’s rights has been an attempt to train them into compliance to absurd rules based on junk science, lies and propaganda, starting in Chattanooga with all media outlets but one (NoogaRadio). (Photo David Tulis)

The overthrow of the government accepted in the GOP deprives all the people of their due process rights, subjects them to acts that are without warrant, legal cause, nonfraudulent exigency or necessity. The conspirators in Nashville and at the health department locallyu acted as might a police officer, seeing a person and deciding without any lawful cause to make an arrest of that person and put him into the cruiser cage and then a cage at Silverdale. Such wrongs occur routinely at street-level policing, a surplus of violence against the poor, blacks and everybody else.

In the CV-19 coup against democratic institutions, these causeless and baseless acts – “our response to Covid-19,” as they have said – deprive us people of the blessings and limits of divided constitutional representative republican government.

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

I don’t know that oral arguments will be a deciding factor. But I demanded them to set a record for appeal, as I believe the judiciary in Tennessee has been cartelized and privatized by the lawyer classes of people that includers judges. They have created a neo-feudal fief and are not accountable to the people through their written law by which the people intend to regulate and manage the government and its agencies. I demand oral arguments to aggressively prosecute the people’s case, and to leave no avenue unused in delivering us from biosecurity-oriented totalitarianism.

Unjust judge Pam Fleenor imposed a fraud on her own court and on my cause by pretending my mandamus petition lacked standing, and that thus I am in no position to make any complaint about the breach of duty by respondents Lee and Barnes. 

She went along with the lawyers’ fibs and deceptions, desperate and frivolous arguments that disobey the clear provisions and requirements of the mandamus law under which I sue. Judge Fleenor kept insisting that I have to show personal harm and injury from the actions of the respondents.

I don’t. The harm and injury in a mandamus action is a violation of duty under law. The harm is the violation itself, not a measurable injury that I as relator have to account for personally in my life.

I argue that the law for health departments is breached in that the governor and local health officials and their agents failed to establish or determine a cause of the contagion which they are supposedly fighting and have been fighting for the last 2 years. Without a determination of a cause, or an isolate or origin of the virus, there is no basis for any pretended public health mitigation effort, whether it be mask rules, social distancing diktats or directives from local mayors or departments of health pretendedly under a health emergency. 

As a matter of law, I argue, these are frauds and harms upon the public with no legal – or, as it is proving true, no scientific – basis. 

Culling by the numbers

The greatest fraud and harm is the experimental and calculation project brought into Hamilton County by foreign interests by Big Pharma. 

The county jabs project appears likely to undo the county’s solvency once a first lawyer sues for “vaccine injury” imposed amid fraud. The bar is in agreement with the entire project, led by the chief justices in Nashville, who are in a joint venture to overthrow constitutional government. But one lawyer will break ranks, and begin litigation. The county has no immunity if it is involved in fraud. Bankrupting litigation is ahead, I predict.

Donate to help David Tulis in court case for liberty

The extent of harm caused by the county has yet to emerge. I have heard of post-jab deaths related by friends and acquaintances, none apparently of which have been reported to the county medical examiner, who is supposed by law to investigate deaths of otherwise healthy people.

The U.S. military closely monitors the health of its service members. They are suffering in grievous numbers from the compulsory jabs from which thousands have fled on grounds of conscience or survival. 

A summary from James Howard Kunstler, making note of a report by Dr. Robert Malone on Substack of the military’s findings:

Some powerful counter-information to The Official Narrative emerged last week from the US military’s own Defense Medical Epidemiology Database when several whistleblower doctors revealed to attorney Tom Renz heretofore suppressed statistics on the shocking increase in vaccine injuries among young, otherwise able-bodied soldiers.  Have a look at the list reported out of Dr. Robert Malone’s Substack newsletter.

Total Number of Diseases & Injuries Reported By Year (Hospitalization) up 37%

Diseases of the Nervous System By Year up 968%

 Malignant Neuroendocrine Tumor Reports By Year up 276%

 Acute Myocardial Infarct Reports By Year up 343%

 Acute Myocarditis Reports By Year up 184%

Acute Pericarditis Reports By Year up 70%

Pulmonary Embolism Reports By Year up 260%

 Congenital Malformations Reports By Year up 87%

Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrage Reports By Year up 227%

Anxiety Reports By Year up 2,361%

 Suicide Reports By Year up 227%

 Neoplasms for All Cancers By Year up 218%

 Malignant Neoplasms for Digestive Organs By Year up 477%

Neoplasms for Breast Cancer By Year up 469%

Neoplasms for Testicular Cancer By Year up 298%

 Female Infertility Reports By Year up 419%

Dysmenorrhea Reports By Year up 221.5%

Ovarian Dysfunction Reports By Year up 299%

Spontaneous Abortion Reports By Year DOWN by 10%

Male Infertility Reports By Year up 320%

Guillian-Bare Syndrome Reports By Year up 520%

Acute Transverse Myelitis Reports By Year up 494%

Seizure Reports By Year up 298%

Narcolepsy & Cataplexy Reports By Year up 352%

 Rhabdomyolysis By Year up 672%

Multiple Sclerosis Reports By Year up 614%

Migraine Reports By Year up 352%

Blood Disorder Reports By Year up 204%

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Reports By Year up 2,130%

Cerebral Infarct Reports By Year up 294%


Time to fight


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