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Reverse CV-19 disaster now; halt shots immediately, pare regulatory state

Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson it the only of 100 federal senators to correctly see the 2020 coup by drug companies and the U.S. intel and drug regulatory apparatus as a grave wrong against Americans. (Photo Gage Skidmore)

U. S. Sen. Ron Johnson is inviting me to speak at a meeting regarding the U.S. pandemic response. Here’s a summary of my introductory remarks.

By Steve Kirsch / Director, Vaccine Safety Research Foundation

The pandemic response has been a disaster. Had the NIH simply responded to George Fareed and Bryan Tyson who had developed an effective early treatment protocol for COVID, this pandemic would be a complete non-event.

The CDC could have simply advised doctors to prescribe the protocol for anyone with COVID symptoms.

Instead, the complete range of early treatment drugs were ignored and even worse, the FDA, AMA, and drug companies conspired to make life-saving drugs such as ivermectin difficult to obtain and nearly impossible to obtain in an in-patient setting.

Will wreck happen again?

Our federal and state governments made many errors:

  1. promoted a vaccine that was more likely to kill people than save them
  2. promoted the use of masks which randomized trials show do nothing beneficial
  3. used mandates to encourage compliance with 1 and 2
  4. enlisted the aid of social media companies to censor and discredit anyone who spoke out against the narrative
  5. threatened doctors with losing their licenses if they didn’t comply with the narrative
  6. blindly followed whatever the CDC said without question. All critical thinking skills were disabled.

Focus on early treatment, free exchange of info

Here are some changes that we should make as soon as possible:

  1. Educate people and doctors on the benefits of early treatment and publicize the most successful early treatment protocols
  2. Allow doctors and nurses to speak freely without fear of retribution
  3. End all mandates for everyone. This is America for gosh sakes.
  4. Educate people on the risks of the vaccine.
  5. End the liability protection of the vaccine manufacturers
  6. Get rid of the incompetent corrupt people at the CDC, FDA, and NIH especially Tony Fauci and Cliff Lane. There needs to be a major house cleaning at these agencies. The lying and deception must stop.
  7. Hold all the perpetrators accountable for the deaths they have caused, especially Fauci and Lane. These people shouldn’t be in charge. They should be behind bars. We need to set an example so this never happens again.
  8. Instruct all high tech and social media companies to immediately stop censoring medical misinformation and restore the accounts (and groups) that were censored.
  9. Revoke the EUA on all COVID vaccines
  10. Declare an end to the state of emergency
  11. Educate people on P100 respirators if they want protection, but that should be optional. It’s an impractical intervention.
  12. Be honest with people about the 6 foot guideline: an MIT study showed 6 vs. 60 feet made no difference
  13. All future health recommendations should be based in solid science.
  14. Public health officers should have the freedom to deviate from the CDC guidance if they do not agree with it
  15. We need a way to hold the HHS agencies accountable. Congress has been asleep at the wheel and the outside committees have been useless rubber stamps that have endangered hundreds of thousands of lives.
  16. The leadership should admit that people were misled, that masks don’t work and the vaccines killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. Admit to people that they shouldn’t trust government agencies anymore until there is a significant change in leadership and accountability structure that people can have faith in.
  17. End the subsidies for COVID cases and treatments in the hospital. This encourages mislabeling of cases, and rewards hospitals for putting patients on a ventilator. Instead of rewarding outcomes we don’t want, start rewarding outcomes we do want like faster patient recoveries and lower fatality rates.
  18. Allow doctors in the hospital to doctor using their best judgment rather than blindly follow practice guidelines dictated from above.
  19. Give patients the right to request and receive FDA approved medications when they are hospitalized.
  20. Stop testing asymptomatic people with COVID tests. For treatment, rely on symptoms.
  21. Encourage the use of antigen tests rather than PCR tests for determining whether someone is still at risk of spreading disease
  22. Do not treat people differently based on their medical history. That should be confidential.
  23. Burn the Disinformation Dozen list. These people should all be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, not censored.
  24. ,President iden needs to apologize to the American people and start surrounding himself with people with differing viewpoints.
  25. Empower a committee of people who figured out early what was really going on to create a set of recommendations for changes that need to be made.

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