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Pinkston should cuff Barnes for felony misconduct

District attorney Neal PInkston holds an award from MADD, mothers against drunk driving. He is joined by interim police chief Eric Tucker. (Photo DA’s office)
Becky Barnes admits violating the law requiring her department to make a determination of the cause of contagion on the purported Covid-19 crisis. (Photo health department)

Neil Pinkston is hoping to hold on to his job as state prosecutor for Hamilton County. His opposition in the race for district attorney is a starry-eyed young attorney from the Wamp family, who was given a plumb job of counsel in the Hamilton County sheriff’s department.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

Coty Wamp makes a strong impression by upholding the county’s bill of attainder practices and defending routine violation of the arrest by officer without a warrant statute at T.C.A. 40-7-107. On this point, as on others, her views are “standard issue,” like Mr. Pinkston’s.

The grand jury and the state prosecutor have a job when it comes to public sector crime in Hamilton County. If a public actor, state official, inspector, copy, deputy, person on city or county payroll commits a crime by violating a law, you as a citizen have a right to know that that person will be held accountable, and that no one will look the other way.

Known and admitted crimes, crimes that are notorious and that might affect large numbers of people are less easy to ignore than lesser ones that can be disposed of and ignored under the concept of prosecutorial discretion. A crime affecting one victime can be ignored by Mr. :Pinkson. A crime affecting tens of thousands of people cannot so easily be laid aside and stuck in a folder somewhere on his desk.

In my estimation as a lifetime journalist in SE Tennessee, the biggest crime in the state’s history occurred March 12, 2020,when the governor declared an emergency apart from a nonfraudulent exigency and put the entire state and her people under house arrest. He lacked legal or lawful warrant because he was disobeying the key health law, the 102 words at T.C.A. §  68-5-105. He took the state out from under the constitution and said he was going to manage the entire state under Title 58, government by emergency.

Pinkston and 68-5-104, requirement for determination

Here now we get to Neil Pinkston. Mr. Pinkton has the Tennessee code annotated in hard copy no doubt in the current edition. He also has Westlaw or Nexus on his computer as part of  subscription to the law. Importantly, the law is an English, Mr. Pinkston’s mother tongue spoken since his infancy. His version is annotated with all the latest cases, to show how a particular law comes to life in controversy over particular actors and facts. A free unannnotated version is available to the public at Lexus Nexus online. 

The  Law is public, open to all, and a continual claim upon those who hold public office, either by election or terms of employment.

Why has Mr. Pinkston not prosecuted Becky Barnes for official misconduct for refusing to obey Tennessee Code Ann. § 68-5-104?

Maybe he doesn’t know anything about it? If he sends a staff member over to the chancery court’ clerk’s office he can have that person review the case file in State of Tennessee ex rel Tulis. No doubt the clerk will send him the entire set of PDFs for the records.

This case has received notorious publication since filing Oct. 2, 2020, which news reporting is actual and constructive notice of the use of the law by people subject to it, namely Becky Barnes, administrator of the health department until she retired. Sabrena Novak replaced her. A prosecutor should not rely on news reports as to crimes perpetrated in his district. Still, my work is expansive and a proper notice to this public official about his duty calling.

The chancery court filings of the respondents are rich ground for the prosecutor to review. They highly stimulate the sense that “things aren’t right” in Hamilton County. The main point Mr. Pinkston can see from the first 100 pages is this: ADMISSIONS OF CRIME. 

The governor says he is not under “any duty” to obey the statute (emphasis in original). 

Mrs. Barnes says she is exercising “discretion” in the ignoring the law.

Judge Pamela Flennor accepted these arguments. They are frivolous and can have no effect in an honorable Tennessee court. But they did because they are part of judicial policy to accept mass fraud in the name of public health.

I caught the parties in flagrante delicto for their violations in making no determination of the agent of contagion in the so called Covid-19. They have absolutely nothing to stand on and have essentially met my factual claims and legal claims with blank pages of their own filled. These filings emanate other frivolous and cranky arguments that are a fraud on the court misrepresenting my remedy, that being the powerful emergency writ of mandamus.

Mrs. Barnes commits a crime when her act “exceeds the public servant’s official power” or when she “refrains from performing a duty that is imposed by law.”

It’s a fraudulent argument that judge Pamela Fleenor accepted that says I have to show personal harm and injury before being able to make claims for a writ of mandamus.

That is nowhere in the law required. It is nowhere Is required in the mandamus act. But, to stop me, the unjust Judge Fleenor ruled against me by buying these fraudulent arguments. 

My affidavit of support shows clear personal harm. But the law requires only basics for the relator to have legal standing to demand a writ compelling the law to be obeyed.

Standing or interest is established by domicile or residence, the sworn signature on the affidavit of support, and the duty of the official under law. That’s it. The key basis of my standing as citizen is in the duty of the official, namely compliance with 68-5-104.

That Mrs. Barnes, whose office at the health department next to Erlanger medical center is a carbine shot from the county prosecutor’s office in the courts building on Market Street. 

Official misconduct is a felony

Becky Barnes is involved in the crime of official misconduct. ”A public servant commits an offense who, with intent to obtain a benefit or to harm another, intentionally or knowingly: (1) Commits an act relating to the public servant’s office or employment that constitutes an unauthorized exercise of official power; (2) Commits an act under color of office or employment that exceeds the public servant’s official power; (3) Refrains from performing a duty that is imposed by law or that is clearly inherent in the nature of the public servant’s office or employment.” § 39-16-402. Official misconduct

So, Mrs. Barnes commits a crime when her act “exceeds the public servant’s official power” or when she “refrains from performing a duty that is imposed by law.”

The Tony Fauci / Big Pharma sales bonanza in untested vaccinations are the most spellbinding breach by government in American history. The jabs have killed 1 million Americans. The janky VAERS website run by the FDA and CDC have reported 1,000,227 adverse events from the CV-19 shots. The site lists 22,000 deaths, only half domestic. One percent or less of adverse events get on the voluntary site, from which many hospital staff are forbidden to make report. Myocarditis and pericarditis among teen boys has gone through the roof – VAERS says there are 22,117.

The mass project will cause among hundreds of millions death by sickness, as the jabs exacerbate many conditions and force the body to attack itself. The process has already begun, and may reduce the U.S. population by well more than half, according to projections.

The shots are killing children, and the nation’s health watch dogs refuse to take notice. Remember Jacob Clynick, the 13-year old from Minnesota who died of cardiac arrest on June 20, 2021, just three days after his second Pfizer shot? Here’s his VAERS record memorializing his death. Here’s the Defender story that appeared shortly after his death.

Across the world, and even in Hamilton County these deaths are taking place with no reporter, as the TFP, Chattanoogan.com and the TV channels are committed to “full vaccinations” and don’t serve as public watchdogs.

Hamilton County has no staffing programming, harms desk, experimental follow-through office or station in which product failures, mishaps or injuries might be brought to the attention of local medical authorities and the product manufacturers such as Pfizer. The county makes no advertisement to solicit inputs about the result of the experiment and the 200,000 jabs given. It makes no admission that there may be side effects or concerning pains, troubles or distress that come after uploading the serumized software.

There is no call-center for “vaccine injured” in Hamilton County. Witnesses such as local truck driver Gary Ramey have given report, and other show guests indicate they know of jab-harmed or jab-slain people.

The medical examiner James Metcalfe should do autopsies on people who die suddenly while in apparent health.

Neal Pinkston knows Mrs. Barnes is in breach of her duty. The entire department is involved in criminal activity, with mass, mass harm flowing from its offices through the the jabs. 

Boy jab death uninvestigated

Six months after Jacob Clynick’s death, still no investigation into his death! See this story which appeared in the Defender yesterday. It references emails which indicate that the autopsy had been completed prior to June 28, 2021. “Silence from the CDC regarding the cause of death,,” says researcher Steve Kirsch. “Seriously? Jacob dies just 3 days after the jab due to cardiac arrest and six months later, despite the myocarditis link that they admit, they cannot figure this one out? WTF? Where is the accountability? Ernest Ramirez’s son died of cardiac arrest as well, but he was 16. Dr. Peter McCullough looked at the death records and determined the death was caused by the vaccine. No acknowledgement from the CDC. Again, where is the accountability? Does the CDC have a better qualified expert than Peter McCullough? Did McCullough goof? Well, we don’t know because nobody is talking.”

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