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Let’s oust backers of Corona scam in county; 1 judge to keep

Conservative Republican state Rep. Robin Smith takes part in a Christmas parade in Soddy-Daisy. (Photo Robin Smith campaign)
Local elected officials in Chattanooga, Tenn., indicating the unity, cohesions, alliance and sympathy among those who hold elected office and who accepted overthrow of the state constitution and criminal acts in the CV-19 “pandemic” with nary a whimper. Criminal court judge Tom Greenholtz is the fifth person from the left — highly recommended for re-election. (Photo Linda Moss Mines)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Jan. 22, 202 – Maybe we deserve to be gaslighted by local elected officials through the May 3 party primaries and into November elections.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio

The public has been lied to for two years, and candidates are incentivized to keep up a false narrative.

We will know by Feb. 17 – in 26 days — about relief from the elites in office, or whether we face four- and six-year terms in which we will be deceived and assured by familiar faces that all is well, and that public health required these Covid-19 sacrifices in 2020 and 2021, and yet new ones ahead.

So what is on Feb. 17? 

At noon that day is the deadline for qualifying to run for public office in Hamilton County. A candidate goes to the election commission off Amnicola Highway, fills out a form, obtains signatures of 25 people registered to vote in the county, and returns the form to “qualify” for the ballot, says Sherri Sivley of the election commission.

In the mayor’s race, Sabrena Smedley and Matt Hullander are qualified. Weston Wamp has yet to turn in his paperwork to be squared away for a GOP primary run.

A man or woman who wants to challenge – nay, even defy – the status quo has the right to run for office, whether mayor, county commissioner, judge, state representative. 

The mayoral race indicates the severe problem us common people – us tax donkeys, wage serfs, employee-type commoners – face. 

And that problem is the state itself, the nature of the political class itself. This group’s members are interconnected, friendly, well networked, grouped among county commissioners and others who respect each other, appreciate each other’s wives, husbands and family; who attend the Rotary and Pachyderm club meetings, who worship God proximately, who know all the local landmarks and personalities, who are genuine, freedom-loving, patriotic hard-working conservative businesspeople and public servants here in Southeast Tennessee.

From left, state Rep. Robin Smith, city council member Darrin Ledford and Gov. Bill Lee. Elected officials are likely to gaslight the voters in the days leading up to the May 3 primary in Hamilton County — pretending that the demolition of the TN economy in 2020 by law-shivering Gov. Lee was not a problem they were empowered to address. (Photo Facebook)

A candidate for re-election in the state house, for example, Robin Smith, is a Christian and a conservative. She’ll be at one of at least two rallies at Coolidge Park this weekend for the right to life. One is at 10:30 a.m. Saturday. Another Sunday at 2 p.m. Rep. Smith laments inflation, “the universal tax that has risen to a record high of 6.8% as demand for goods exceeds the supply. This is compounded by data showing the value of our dollar is declining 1% every 30 days.” (But I point out this abuse is upon us in Tennessee because no official will insist on obedience to Art. 1, Sect. 10, of the federal constitution banning the state from making anything but gold or silver a tender in payment of debt.) On numerous points, Rep. Smith stands for the right principle – she raps Wokeism in public school classrooms, she says the Bible admonishes that ‘we love and seek the best for one another, just as He commanded us.” She’s taken a lot of Big Pharma money – but no doubt she can explain it.

Did Rep. Smith, over the past two years, side with the reality imposed by the state constitution, with Tennessee code upon the bureaucracy, with the principle of civil liberty and constitutional liberty, with the due process requirements that had to be met before any use of force, threat, compulsion was allowed to operate?

Or did she side with the alternate reality of Pharma- and media-created mass public panic and abrogation of safeguards medical and legal?

Did Rep. Smith, Sen. Bo Watson, county commission member Randy Fairbanks, in whose district I live, support the truth and limited government?


They didn’t.

Before Feb. 17 arrives, can we make the ballot more representative of constitutional government? Can we get a little interposition on the ballot, a little “doctrine of the lesser magistrate”?

Early election suggestions

➤ Members of the Hamilton county commission seeking re-election should be tossed – unless we deserve four more years of official willingness to overthrow our rights and state law and ancient liberties in a purported emergency based on a fraudulent exigency. An election commission webpage on the districts is here.

Among county commissioners, I give special credit for ineptitude and folly to two members for whom I once had highest regard: Tim Boyd and David Sharpe. Mr. Sharpe is seeking re-election.

Mr. Boyd has been the reliable taxpayer watchdog, and is leaving the commission. 

Mr. Sharpe is a stay-at-home dad with a background in medical administration. He is a Democrat, highly intelligent, politically liberal, but with real insight and similar concerns to mine about police wrongs and the misuse of the judicial industrial complex against the poor (our state’s persistent maintenance of Jim Crow). Mr. Sharpe and Dr. Warren Mackey, also a Democrat, have appeared the most willing to hear me out as journalist and legal reform proponent. For these sympathies I have always given Mr. Sharpe credit.

Rolling wave of nausea

But over the past two years Messrs. Boyd and Sharpe have rejected argument for and investigative reporting about the state of overthrow against us by parties from afar against whom they have refused to intervene. 

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in court case for liberty

The duo are moofs. They wear masks. They are terrified of viruses. Their expressions of dread in public meetings have been aired and reported. They ignore my claims as press member about the statute at T.C.A. 68-5-104. They ignore my claims as pro se litigant in our case Oct. 2, 2020, vs. their health department head, Becky Barnes, now at ease in retirement after two years of disobedience and official misconduct admitted in court. They ignore a remonstrance of more than 100 local people demanding compliance with state law.

The commissioners have not read the law – as if it were not online, available, and in English, in type large enough for them to see. They don’t know the Tennessee constitution. They have ushered in the jabs which promise to take 10x more lives than they purport save from “Covid-19.” They are incompetent , negligent, oath-breaking and indifferent to human suffering.

They and their colleagues are a rolling wave of nausea for two years. They have coughed and sneezed upon us complicity and cooperation with myriad state-payroll malefactors starting with Gov. Bill Lee.

They will be seeking your vote.

In the black robe

Among judges, good news and bad news.

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

➤ We perhaps deserve another another 6-year term by Pamela Fleenor in chancery. She is an unjust judge, with a heart bent against state law (the mandamus statute), turned against equity (as explained in detail by chancellor Gibson in his noble Gibson’s Suits in Chancery), and defiant of the rights of relator and claims of constitutionally guaranteed rights as they inhere in the duties of the officials he is suing.

Judge Fleenor has been the most powerful and important person among 6.8 million Tennesseans, holding my petition for writ of mandamus in her hands. My petition authorized her to make right a state of overthrow of the constitution by Gov. Lee and the courts themselves. She refused that empowerment, and slavishly followed policy rather than uphold her oath and the law.

➤ The picture is not entirely bleak. Criminal court judge Tom Greenholtz is seeking re-election. He is a judge whose mind is of the highest legal caliber, whom I greatly respect and before whom any any defendant will get fair treatment.

Judge Greenholtz’ work is deeply impressive and gets to crucial legal issues. His 19-page  Feb. 7, 2020, ruling dismissing a RICO case against 55 defendants is a model of precision and I would say a legal opinion of the highest caliber. He throws out the case on the grounds that the indictment lacked an essential element of the alleged crime, and thus the indictment failed to give proper notice to the defendants. Judge Greenholtz is supreme court justice material, and his opinion is instructive to cops, DAs, lawyers and defendants as to the duty to allege all the essential elements in a criminal case, or that otherwise the case fails. 


Time to fight


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