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U.S. court asked to backstop reporters prior to arrest by TN judge cartel

The U.S. district court at 801 Broadway in Nashville was apprised that journalists might be arrested Saturday in efforts to exercise their rights to cover the taxpayer-funded and statutorily created TN judicial conference at the nearby Cool Springs Embassy Suites hotel. Two reporters were collared, and one criminally charged with trespass. (Photo Google Maps)
Legal reform activist John Gentry, right, talks with police officers about the judicial system’s violation of the state open meetings act and brazen privatization of the people’s judicial branch of government. The cops protect the illicit secrecy of the conference, this one held in a hotel in Franklin, Tenn., near Nashville. (Photo David Tulis)

Two journalists thank the clerk of the U.S. district court in Nashville for monitoring for word their arrest by state judges as they sought to penetrate a secret enclave paid for by taxpayers in which judges played “bingo” on “sovereign citizens.”

Lynda Motes Hill, clerk of U.S. district court Nashville

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.6 FM

Linda Motes Hill, formerly an attorney in Chattanooga at a big law firm, was in contact with legal reformer John Gentry days prior to the radio team’s efforts to penetrate the hush-hush black-robed event in which judges set policy, decide on how to make laws and reshape the meaning of existing laws.

Mr. Gentry had been ready to act as “next friend” to NoogaRadio 96.9 FM investigative reporter David Tulis and to Christopher Sapp, his midstate bureau chief. The journalists had drafted petitions for writ of habeas corpus, which would have been given to Mrs. Hill so that an emergency hearing could have been held Saturday in U.S. district court before either a federal judge or a federal magistrate — to bring two reporters out of Williamson County jail in Franklin.

Mr. Gentry and Mrs. Hill had made arrangements for a “next friend” filing to have been made at the courthouse dropbox, and supplementally by e-mail.

“Just to confirm, you will be checking email Saturday?“ Mr. Gentry asked. “I expect that if unfortunate circumstances unfold, wrongful incarceration of Press Reporter and Radio Journalist David Tulis, will occur early in the day, since the Judicial Conference in Cool Springs begins around 8AM.   

“I anticipate in that unfortunate circumstance,” Mr. Gentry told the clerk, “that I will be filing the emergency habeas petition, along with a motion for emergency habeas hearing, and supporting memorandums, no later than early afternoon seeking an emergency habeas hearing that day or early Sunday. Again, I hope all of this proves unnecessary, and that the Tennessee Judiciary will uphold Tennessee Constitution, Article I, Section 19, as well as adhere to their oaths of office.”

Replied Mrs. Hill, “I will be checking e-mail periodically on Saturday.  Should you file a petition in the Court’s dropbox, please also attach PDF copies of your filings to your e-mail communication.  As I explained, the Court does not accept filings via e-mail; however, it will enable me to communicate with our staff more quickly if necessary.”

Says Mr. Sapp in writing later that day, “It was related to me by John Gentry that you were closely monitoring your email this past Saturday in the event I needed to file an emergency Habeas petition. Fortunately, David Tulis and I were not incarcerated even though he was actually arrested and I was ‘trespassed’ in clear violation of our civil rights by the TN administrative office of the Courts staff and hotel management.“

Enclosed you will find an application that I sent to Chief Justice Roger Page with regard to my Constitutionally secured right, as a member of the press, to attend the public meetings and of governing bodies in TN. 

The TN Administrative Office of the Courts is currently conducting “public business“ in secret behind the doors of a private venue in order to circumvent and circumnavigate the TN Open Meetings Act.  I have yet to receive a response from Chief Justice Page on this issue. 

Please consider sharing this document with the District Court judge so that he may be aware that that judicial branch of government in Tennessee disregards and repudiates its own laws and constitutional provisions.  Mr. Tulis and I are still deciding on how we may wish to proceed moving forward.  In any event, I include this attachment simply for personal reference and informational purposes only.

Thank you again for your kindest consideration on such short notice in response to our anticipation of wrongful incarceration by senior state officials operating under color of authority,  color of law, and color of office.

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