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Judges offload liability for false arrest on hotel staff; ‘Mr. Tulis, please stand up’

At the start of the Tulis arrest video, Soddy-Daisy judge Marty Lasley speaks to David Tulis about a local notable Basil Marceaux, arrested 30 times as defender of constitutional rights. Tulis takes a place at a table in a hotel ballroom set up for a judicial conference, opening his laptop, so he can cover the event. The judges are hearing three hours of lectures on people called “sovereign citizens” — people like Mr. Marceaux, a Soddy-Daisy man. In his lawsuit against Gov. Lee for overthrow of the constitution, investigative reporter Tulis calls Lee a “sovereign citizen” for ignoring state law in the fraudulent CV-19 pandemic.
Refusing to leave, David is painfully handcuffed, dragged from his chair and put into gurney. Embassy Suites accepts liability for “trespassing” the reporter, when the entire area is under state jurisdiction in the conference. The judges, in other words, foist on a mere contractee and agent the duty to harm a journalist — and the liability for the tort. No judge in the crowd offers to help the reporter as he is hauled away in violation of the open meetings act.


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