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Save wife from SWAT raid, drop effort to ‘improve’ or ‘save’ local schools

Attorney general Merrick Garland is meeting now with federal agencies to launch a war against moms and others active in hammering school boards about masks, crooked curricula and other abuses of the individual for which the state factory school has become slightly better known in the past decade. Do you want to be among the naifs who think public schools can be saved, or improved? asks Goeffrey Botkin. The U.S. government will surveil your wife, her friends, your local group, and might make a SWAT arrest like those done upon many dozens of Jan. 6 protesters, who languish in solitary confinement, with no bail, little food and no legal aid on misdemeanor charges. This presentation is 12 minutes, and a sobering analysis about the state factory school. It’s time to abandon them entirely, and to build a parallel education economy.

This is a video for husbands and fathers. You and your wife both know the time has come. So what are you waiting for? You both know your children are no longer safe at school from toxic ideologies, predatory sex addicts, psychopathic bullies. You can complain all you want to the school board, but what will happen? Last year they turned a deaf ear to you. This year they will turn you in to the joint terror task force. Last year there might have been a knock on your door. This year a boot will kick it in at 4AM. Men, it’s time to go independent. Start educating your children at home. I know your children can learn at home. Mine did. Check out these videos. If you want to see the documents I reference in this video, go here:…, and here:…, and here:… SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER at… To connect with us directly or to access more content like this, please visit Please send any questions or feedback to

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