Hamilton County is participant in admitted fraud, that of the Covid-19 scare and panic, caused by foreign and alien interests to the abrogation of the people’s constitutionally protected rights. (Photo county health department)

Within days I plan to submit to the Hamilton County, Tenn., commission the following remonstrance, pursuant to our claims upon them in the bill of rights. This post contains the remonstrance. It also contains downloadable version of the document, 7pp, plus a signature page, downloadable, 1pp. If you wish to gather signatures on behalf of this demand and instruction to the county commission start work immediately. Please make sure I have the names in hand by Sept. 26, Sunday night 10 p.m.

Who should sign? Only people who live in, or reside in, Hamilton County — the voters. — David Tulis


Against Hamilton County commission for violating Tenn. Code Ann.§ 68-5-105, rejecting God-given immunity, self-help among people to protect against illness

The people of Hamilton County, aggrieved at being defrauded by their elected representatives of honest government services and the duty of protection, remark that as they have a constitutionally protected right to remonstrate, so does their county commission have a duty to listen and to be instructed.

We have right, pursuant to the Tennessee constitution bill of rights, article 23, (1) to peaceably assemble and to “instruct” our elected representatives, who wield authority and power, and to give to them “remonstrance or address” outlining grievances for which they seek relief. A remonstrance is an “expostulation; showing of reasons against something proposed.” (2)

We among the people of Hamilton County are aggrieved that our county government is part of official misconduct (3)and fraud imposed upon us and the 6.8 million people in state of Tennessee by the governor, William Byron Lee, who has since March 12, 2020, operated in his personal capacity as a man under color of law to overthrow law recorded in the Tennessee Code Annotated that controls and limits the public authority in times of sickness and contagion.

The law that Mr. Lee abrogates under color of law is T.C.A. § 68-5-104, which regulates the Hamilton County health department and requires a determination be made as to the cause of the contagion. The county joins Mr. Lee in abrogation of this statute. Our investigation into his doings in the first quarter of 2020 indicate he and the county department of health entirely ignore the law, which is binding upon them. 

Insofar as the law imposes duties on the state and the county corporation, it also acts to protect the people from arbitrary and capricious acts of pretended mitigation of the so-called SARS-CoV-2. The governor in EO No. 14 effectively declares, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” and this body and its servant, Becky Barnes, had a duty to step outside to see if it was true. They didn’t check. And the story isn’t true. 

The fraud imposed upon the people by these two individuals is destructive of our property rights, prosperity, commerce, travel, educational arrangements, worship of God, mental health and bodily health of our children and our dependents. Mr. Lee’s 1st executive order, issued March 12, and another order thrust down like a thunderclap of a sneeze April 2, 2020. His mass confinement of the entire population via a lockdown suitable in a penal colony, is based on his bad-faith and corrupt rejection of duties under T.C.A. § 68-5-104 and his obedience to foreign suggestion, advisories, and influence, in violation of his oath of office. In Hamilton County, Mrs. Barnes’ has done likewise against her terms of employment, and this body has not called her on it.

Both Barnes and Lee admit in the lawsuit, State of Tennessee ex rel David Jonathan Tulis vs. Bill Lee, governor, et al, E2021-00436-COA-R3-CV, that they are involved in fraud. For the 201 days Judge Pam Fleenor sandbagged the case in her chancery court, they agreed the relator’s affidavit and evidence of fraud is true. They refused to show cause for their actions. 

The fraud makes im impossible to properly combat the coronavirus. Fraud makes it impossible for the people to trust you and the government.

The so-called coronavirus is a complex of symptoms, flulike, that has not been isolated. Included in the fraud-induced panic is the county’s approved use of the polymerase chain reaction technique,  laboratory technique used to amplify DNA sequences that cannot diagnose whether a person is sick, according to its inventor. Fraudulently used PCR tests give an error rate up to 97 percent. Hence the source of panic, terror and dread, fed by county employees and sown heavily upon the people by drug-industry supported presstitutes. The so-called Covid-19 is reportedly an American military-developed bioweapon with pathogenic gain-of-function qualities, all parts of which are owned by corporate patent holders. 

The statute at 68-5-104 requires an isolate and a determination before any public acts of mitigation can be launched. It requires that the condition be identified. Our officials have ignored this requirement and shut down the economy. Millions of people were imprisoned in their houses. A quarter of the small businesses in our state were destroyed. Nothing as devastating and lawless has occurred in our state since the founding June 1, 1796, or 82,292 days ago as of Sept. 22, 2021.

The law requires a determination to be made and Mrs. Barnes has said that she is exercising discretion in ignoring the statute. The governor says he is not under “any duty” (italics in original) to obey the statute on the grounds that he has agents. And he says he is not responsible for the law and that the relator’s claims against him are by one who has not been injured and thus has no standing, because all people in the state have been likewise harmed. What has happened in this case is the refusal of our public officials to recognize the harm and injury that they have caused. There is a flu condition circulating. The vaccine project is creating new powerful variants and strains of this flu, reportedly amplified by the fact and novelty of a mass vaccination project in the middle of an alleged pandemic enhancing the “pandemic” and giving variants new virulence. Physicians and experts have warned that this act of mass vaccination in the middle of an epidemic is unprecedented and will not work and will exacerbate the creation of variants.

This commission is peopled by men and women who fully believe the official narrative out of Nashville and Washington about CV-19. Not one person on this commission, judging by reports, believes that we are in the middle of a scam and victimized by a for-profit rent-seeking exercise in disaster capitalism, creating a captive market for the drug industry, serving the interests of people such as Tony Fauci who have committed their lives to seeing every person in the U.S. multiply vaccinated in denial of our natural God-given bodily immunity and our God-given rights to live as among what the constitution calls “the free people” of Tennessee.

Our grievance is that you are acting ignorantly and foolishly and naively in this great disaster of human intervention. We have something much more than the flu season this year and last year. We have what appears to be a concerted effort by great and mighty combines to harm the people of Hamilton County in the name of their good and of their interest, a project to mask their liberties in the name of getting a vaccinated population, to carpet bomb their public functions such as schools, clubs, private groupings and church in the name of protecting them for future enjoyment of these blessings. The worst thing of Hamilton County’s two week lockdown to “slow the spread” has been the first 18 months.

We are aggrieved that you have not been better than us, not above us in wisdom and foresight, not presciently ahead of us to protect us and our interests in local economy and free markets. You have not been leaders, and barely public servants. You have not been prophets, to know how the world works as God made it and to warn us of the danger into which we — you the commissioners and us — have tumbled.

We have been unable to rely on you for defense from remote and foreign claims against our near prosperity and our proximate liberties. Relying on the Times Free Press and other myopic press outlets, you have not heard the story we tell, nor the grief we feel. But one of our number has reported the contents of this remonstrance from the beginning, in great detail, and you have no excuse now that we are here to tell you in person about your acquiescence and the costs you impose on us that seem invisible to you, but which at least half of the people in the county angrily and viscerally feel.

You have stood slack when you should’ve risen; you’ve gone about your rezoning petitions, your school budgets and your committees agendas as if all were normal, as in the status quo ante

We remonstrate upon you today, therefore, and demand you cease fraud and violation of law at home, that you come to yourselves, as did the prodigal son, and stand up for us and defend us, to stand with us against growing tyranny like that exhibited in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Illinois and New York..

You have not defended us against the governor and against this state of emergency, which continues to this day, 552 days since it was declared. The “emergency” continues to obtain free federal money, the dollars of which you are counting as part of a bailout and buyout from Uncle Sam.

We instruct and demand the following:

  1. That you order the health department to comply with T.C.A § 68-5-104, the violation of which the county has spent $11,000 in legal fees to defend, plus the relator’s legal bill when it is due.
  2. If the department cannot make determination of the cause of the contagion, and nail down a first case under a proper diagnoses among the myriad forms of the common coronavirus cold and flu, that it halt all pretended operations under the heading of coronavirus or Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2 immediately. These are arbitrary and capricious, even though Covid-19 proves a rich source of intergovernmental funding, also subject to fraudulent intent and constructive fraud and soaking the federal taxpayer.
  1. That first and foremost, and forthwith if not sooner, the county halt all taxpayer-funded involvement with any experimental serum or inoculation, whose use is not approved by the FDA and whose identification with death and bizarre multiple harms is partly documented at the VAERS website (see openvaers.com), with 13,911 deaths and 650,075 reports of adverse events. A study indicates that this FDA website captures between 1 percent and 10 percent of jab harm cases, self-reported, so Hamilton County is contributing to 139,110 deaths and 1.39 million deaths in the United States.
  1. That the county halt use of the PCR test as part of its admitted fraud, as the test cannot make any determination whether a man, woman or child is a carrier of a live coronavirus.
  1. That, having halted participation in the fraud admitted in court, the county reorganize its services and its public messaging to promote immunity-boosting self-care such as healthy eating, exercise, sunshine, moderation of appetites, and the use of supplements and vitamins that become more important in the fall, as days are shorter and people are outside less. Supplementation and prevention could include vitamin D3, Vitamin C, zinc + Quercetin, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, chlorine dioxide (a water purifier and pathogen killer), hot-cold alternative (“contrast”) showers for immunity boosts and the hydrogen peroxide nebulizing protocol.
  2. That the Hamilton County Commission understand that health is an individual matter, and that people do not stay healthy based on industrial products and serums, but by healthy eating, digestion, moral living and care for others, as God created us. Understanding God’s creation, that the county direct people on its payroll to halt all efforts to pressure, cajole, threaten, deceive or harass people over their private health decisions, none of which are in the public interest or part of commerce, subject to regulation or the use of police power.
  1. That Hamilton County recognize jabs already distributed under its imprimatur have created a mass liability upon the corporation; and to mitigate future risk of litigation, that the corporation take steps instantly to halt all bad faith activity and in good faith to show it intends to be accountable for harm caused upon people who got shots but who did not give informed written consent. Given that the project in Tennessee is a fraud and in violation of black-letter law, and given that Becky Barnes (and/or her successor) is acting fraudulently as a person in violation of a statute, pretendedly, under color of law while in office, there appears a lack of regard by this commission as to members’ legal responsibilities for fraud and mass harm, particularly given two notices about the pandemic of blot-clotting shots it has administered upon at least 193,989 people amid fraudulent activity: (1) The continuing notice of the law itself, imposing liability upon public officials for conduct, and placing them under felony penalty at T.C.A. § 39-16-402, official misconduct (2) The notice of our lawsuit, filed Oct. 2, 2020, on behalf of the state of Tennessee and her people on relation of David Jonathan Tulis

    That, halting its role in giving CV-19 shots, the county immediately work to begin healing the breach and assess adverse events in the county, that it build a database of CV-19 jab-injured residents whose harm has been caused by Pfizer, Moderna and other criminal organizations and rent- and profit-seeking pharma cartel members, in cooperation with Hamilton County, that such database be created and shot-injured people can be treated by the Hamilton County health authority at Erlanger, with special attention at that facility given to keeping family members together in time of grief and suffering, without harassment as to any having a bare face.
  1. That the county, in ending its participation in fraud, halt all pretended and misguided advice regarding masks or chin diapers, which are ineffective in reducing risk to any person, whether to the wearer, or people opposite in conversation.
  2. That by resolution any business with a presence in Hamilton County, of any size, be freed from any pretended claim of authority that purports to require such employer to “mandate” a CV-19 shot for each employee, regardless of that employee’s health, immunity or rights.

It is our prayer that Hamilton County commission recognize its duty as a whole, and its members’ duties individually to that body, and to the whole of the people, under their oaths of office under our constitution, and the oaths under God pursuant to his commands watermarked on everything they say and do. The commission is required under Romans chapter 13, vv. 1-7, to do no harm to the good, and to oppress and harass evildoers in God’s interest and the public interest. A true teaching of that summation of godly commands to the magistrate holds that the job of the magistrate is protective and just, and that he never participate in evil and wrongdoing. (4)

We, the undersigned, declare the hereinabove our instruction to Hamilton County commission, and demand intervention of the lesser magistrate against the greater.


/ See signatories / attached


1  Article 1, section 23. That the citizens have a right, in a peaceable manner, to assemble together for their common good, to instruct their representatives, and to apply to those invested with the powers of government for redress of grievances, or other proper purposes, by address of remonstrance.

2 Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th ed.

3 In Tennessee, the official misconduct statute at 39-16-402: (a) A public servant commits an offense who, with intent to obtain a benefit or to harm another, intentionally or knowingly:

  • (1) Commits an act relating to the public servant’s office or employment that constitutes an unauthorized exercise of official power;
  • (2) Commits an act under color of office or employment that exceeds the public servant’s official power;
  • (3) Refrains from performing a duty that is imposed by law or that is clearly inherent in the nature of the public servant’s office or employment;
  • (4) Violates a law relating to the public servant’s office or employment; or
  • (5) Receives any benefit not otherwise authorized by law.(b) For purposes of subdivision (a)(2), a public servant commits an act under color of office or employment who acts or purports to act in an official capacity or takes advantage of the actual or purported capacity.

4 Romans 13:1-7. Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will [a]bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. 4 For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil. 5 Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath but also for conscience’ sake. 6 For because of this you also pay taxes, for they are God’s ministers attending continually to this very thing. 7 Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.

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