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Lee gets 4 more weeks to build ‘new society’

Gov. Bill Lee pays a visit to Rock Island state park in July. (Photo governor’s office)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Aug. 13, 2021 — The judges at 505 Main St. in Knoxville, in the supreme court building, today grant me four weeks more to file my brief seeking a writ to overturn Tennessee’s  519 day-old fraudulent state of emergency that has proven a cash cow for state government and big corporations.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

I had been facing a Monday deadline, with my 50-page brief already roughed in at about 70 pages but beleaguered by the full-time job requirements in radio, the court rules and four orders of dismissal from a Republican good-ole-gal judge, Pamela Fleenor, in chancery. 

She had had a death grip on the case 201 days, due relief in 7 days or less, and corrupted the record with 30 pages of frivolous and erroneous analysis of the mandamus laws and other good and honest statutes controlling State of Tennessee.

As the judges give me 30 days more, Gov. Lee likewise gets an extension in God’s providence in his experiment in government. That is a 519-day emergency that abrogates the rights of the people in the creation of a unitary administrative state with a medico-terror claim of necessity upon 6.8 million people in a new society that Gov. Lee’s elite backers tout as a “great reset” to help “build back better.”

Freed from this writing deadline, I will attend what deserves to be a traffic-respecting mass protest Saturday in Chattanooga at 10 a.m. on Gunbarrel Road on the public right of way at the light in front of the Wal-Mart.

The judges of the court of appeals give David Tulis an extra four weeks to deliver his brief to overturn the fraudulent state of emergency in Tennesse, a project paid for out of David’s own pocket, with the help of a GoFundMe page.

The people of Tennessee are angry at the “Delta variant”-caused statewide panic once again into unreason and tyranny, both of which are destroying the institutions and rituals of a state-centered humanistic and largely godless world order, starting with “schooling” and going to “public meetings” and the scattering of its hallowed and merely pretended “rule of law.”

Gov. Lee is firing back at reporting and rumormongering about Tennessee’s gulag archipelago well into the planning stages or already under construction.

As the pro-government Tennessee Journal puts the story in a headline, “Quarantine camps? Governor’s top lobbyist dispels myths about executive order.” No doubt there has been noisesome and exaggerated reporting about executive order No. 83, as from writers such as Mike Adams the “health ranger” at

‘Demonstrably false’

But the substance of concentration camps is long established in protocols drafted to help agencies, groups, offices and law enforcement oversee critical events and emergencies, when all due process and rights are cast aside for the greater good. I suspect these were developed in the 1990s, even earlier.

Brent Easley, an administration flak, rips “conspiracy theories” that “distort” EO 83. He provides “additional information” to help his readers “craft responses.” The deceit spread by groups such as Tennessee Stands and, here in Chattanooga, TN Neighbors for Liberty, are as follows:

— The EO creates “quarantine camps” – FALSE.

— Tennesseans serving in the National Guard will be used to round up citizens that are unvaccinated and take them to locations to be quarantined or vaccinated – FALSE.

— Tennesseans serving in the National Guard will be coming to forcibly vaccinate citizens in their homes – FALSE – This is specifically prohibited by state law as well.

— This executive order is laying the groundwork for permanent lockdowns – FALSE.

— That Covid-19 vaccines are being given to livestock so it will enter the -food supply to vaccinate citizens through their meat consumption – FALSE.

He is correct that the EO doesn’t create quarantine camps. They are under authority of the law at 68-1-202, Quarantine stations, and the tuberculosis provision of the law at T.C.A. § 68-9-205, Detention facilities, also allows for them. In both cases, they are for sick and contagious people under law, under warrant or under voluntary self-admission.

Martial law prohibited

 Another statement deemed false is “Tennesseans serving in the National Guard will be coming to forcibly vaccinate citizens in their homes – FALSE – This is specifically prohibited by state law as well.”

As the lawsuit State of Tennessee ex rel David Jonathan Tulis v. Bill Lee, governor, et al makes clear, the law is meaningless to the governor and to the local health administrator, Becky Barnes. To say an act is “specifically prohibited” by law means little.

They are operating an admitted, open fraud upon the court, upon the people and upon me, the people’s representative in the case. I am seeking a writ of mandamus to force the governor to explain how he is obeying the state law at T.C.A. § 68-5-104 or that he be commanded to obey it under a writ of mandamus. Unjust judge Pamela Fleenor, helping the lawbreakers circle their wagons and providing judicial cover fire, has ruled they have no duty to obey the law and I am not a person who can hold them to account because my facts and evidence of personal harm and injury in the lockdown are not real facts and not real harms that give me standing.

Tennessee law prohibits martial law — it absolutely bans use of arbitrary mass power upon the people in the bill of rights, section 25.

That martial law, in the sense of the unrestricted power of military officers, or others, to dispose of the persons, liberties or property of the citizen, is inconsistent with the principles of free government, and is not confided to any department of the government of this state.

Yet Gov. Lee, misled by lawyers and staff people, acted in his personal capacity to declare a state of emergency absent a lawful exigency, and in violation of the health law requiring him to make a determination of the agent of contagion of the pretended Covid-19. The lawsuit makes clear that personal capacity is important, because he merely acts in office, acts merely under coloration of law, and without its sanction.

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