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Your suit vs. Gov. Lee makes claims for liberty, obedience to law

My small case file in suing Gov. Bill Lee for overthrow of state law and state republican democratically elected government. (Photo David Tulis)

The record in my case against two lawbreakers who have delivered us into the “vaccine disaster” is nearly complete in chancery and has arrived at the court of appeals in Knoxville.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

I’ve done the legal work to bring this petition this far, obtaining in the process a doctorate degree, as it were, in how the law is supposed to function and the lies and deceit attorneys and office holders use to deny accountability to the law.

State ex rel David Jonathan Tulis v. Bill Lee, governor et al, case No. E2021-00436-COA-R3-CV, is a petition for writ of mandamus filed in chancery Oct. 2, 2020. It was locked unjustly in that case to delay the action and to allow the evils of which it complains to grow, accumulate and institutionalize themselves, thanks to unjust judge Pamela Fleenor.

The relator — that’s me, relating your grievance and mine — sought constitutionally secured and guaranteed equity relief, forthwith, through a petition filed in Hamilton county, claiming fraudulent executive orders and directives under color of authority, color of law, color of a medical emergency under the title of “Covid-19 pandemic,” causing the irreparable harm the relator proved unrebutted on the record that respondents caused and admitted to.

The state on relation is irreparably harmed in the court’s routine pattern of delay or obstruction of justice evidenced in the proceeding and ultimately in the multiple — four — orders dismissing the petition of relator, denying due process rights through extensive mistreatment of the petition, also acting contrary to legislative enactment, breaching the separation of powers prohibition, and demonstrably outside of the equity jurisdiction and purpose intended by the relator.

Some of the issues I will cover in the brief on appeal are:

— Ultimately doing injustice contrary to equity principles

— Delay

— Entertaining fraud in chancery, even after respondents’ admission of committing the frauds alleged in the petition

— Allowing officials to declare they do not have “any duty” to the law and to continue to cause irreparable harm through fraud under color of law

— Disregarding the intentions of relator of the petition

— Denying application of equity principles generally

— Breaching law

— Confusing the process of vesting; an official is “vested” in compliance with law, and is not vested with any authority in violation of it

— Deconstructing Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104 as to make it essentially meaningless

— Ignoring the rules of statutory construction as to whom is subject to performance of a law

— Allowing, contrary to law, costs taxed to a relator alleging fraudulent acts of the respondent officials done under color of law

The orders of dismissal for review create injustice. Contrary to principles of equity and constitutional guarantees, justice is not being done by a chancery court nor as the record shows through a collateral proof, the judicial branch of Tennessee, causing further irreparable harm aiding and abetting the frauds, admitted to by the respondents, claimed in the petition, obstructing constitutional remedies under color of law, causing such other irreparable harms as the record shows is fraud on the court, and trespass on the case, official misconduct, trust breach and ultimately creating distrust of the judiciary if not corrected, forthwith by this court on review.

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