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Listen in as Gov. Lee tries to defeat Tulis demand he obey health law

Gov. Bill Lee says he is not under “any duty” to obey Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-5-104, the basic law on epidemics, quarantines, insolation and infections. (Photo governor’s office)
David Tulis is the journalist whose investigation into state lawbreaking is the basis of his lawsuit in Hamilton County chancery court to compel obedience to state black-letter law and thereby end a fraudulent state of emergency.

Does Gov. Bill Lee have to obey the law? Does David Tulis have standing to ask Judge Pam Fleenor to order him to obey the health legislative enactments that he has rejected?

Will she continue his frauds after having my case 101 days as of Monday, Jan. 11? He and Becky Barnes have rejected black-letter law.

Your and state of Tennessee’s relator, investigative reporter Tulis, intends to hold these malefactors to account, for God’s glory, holding as valid and binding Gov. Lee’s oath to God to obey the law and the constitution, and Mrs. Barnes’ terms of employment.

This Monday, sit at your office desk or on your couch, and listen to the Gov. Bill Lee and Tulis hearing Jan. 11.

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