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Justices issue ‘mandate’ in CV-19 mandamus as relator vows appellate action

Tennessee’s supreme court is giving notice that it has lodged a “mandate” in chancery court in Hamilton County regarding a case in which the state and the people are demanding the governor be ordered to obey the health law and end the fraudulent CV-19 state of emergency. (Photo David Tulis)

The Tennessee Supreme Court is issuing a mandate to close the record for now on its dealings with the case state of Tennessee ex rel David Jonathan Tulis vs. Bill Lee, governor, et al, petition for writ of mandamus hog-tied in Hamilton County chancery court by judge Pam Fleenor.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 927 FM

Clerk Jim Hivner says the mandate means not any words from the justices, but an administrative tidying up of the two attempts I made for the high court to intervene and halt negligence by chancery court judge Pamela Fleenor in Hamilton County.

I am the relator in the case — relaying on behalf of the state and its people their grievance of the March 12 overthrow of constitutional and representative government by Gov. Bill Lee under the pretense of a health emergency in violation of the main health law pertaining to contagions at Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 68-5-104.

The court sent me its one-page notice of mandate Thursday. Evidently a copy is lodged in the clerk and master’s office in the courthouse downtown.

It says that the appellate court clerk’s office “has issued the Supreme Court mandate in its entirety to the trial court clerk” and that it “consists of certified copies of the judgment, any order as to costs, and a copy of the opinion. This action signifies an end of the appeal.”

As petitioner on behalf of the 6.8 million people in Tennessee, I intend to vigorously prosecute the civil and criminal wrong done against the people by Gov. Lee and the train of office holders down to city and county councils and commissions. I will appeal any negative rulings up the appellate chain, as God ordains and provides.

No legal writing has emerged from the courts yet in the case I filed Oct. 2, or 112 days ago. Judge Fleenor is working on a ruling on a hearing held illegally by phone Jan. 11 to determine whether my petition should be dismissed. Her orders thus far contain no legal foundation or rationale for her dismissals of my various motions on behalf of liberty and constitutional obedience.

A writ of mandamus will compel Gov. Lee and county health administrator Becky Barnes to obey the law. The law that the respondents rejected requires them to make a determination of the cause of the contagion, diagnose a first local case, isolate the causal agent and apply police power as necessary upon those people who may be contagious but who refuse to isolate themselves voluntarily. The duty to obey the statute ends the state of emergency with its fraudulent and baseless assertions of authority and control over people who are healthy.

Gov. Lee’s invoking of emergency powers violates clear duties in the emergency statute, which is intended to safeguard the vulnerable, the economy and the lives of the people seeking prosperity. Lockdowns are totalitarian and are a widely copied form of state crime since early 2020.

The high court denied my two administrative demands for intervention and correction of Judge Fleenor. The first was filed Nov. 2 and was denied the next day. The second demanding its supervision of her negligence and prejudice was filed Dec. 30 and denied Jan. 11 by a brief memo.

The order says the appellate court clerk’s office won’t accept “any filings from any parties or their counsel” after the mandate is issued “except those requesting recall of the mandate, those related to withdrawing the record or portions thereof, and those related to the assessment of costs.”

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