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Justices deny administrative petition demanding fix in Fleenor’s court

Judge Pamela Fleenor has little to worry about from her superiors in the supreme court as she heaps prejudice and maladministration upon the relator in the case State of Tennessee ex rel David Jonathan Tulis vs. Bill Lee, governor, et al to overthrow the state of disaster that began 307 days ago under a pretended epidemic.
Chancery court judge Pam Fleenor, right, and Lisa Brown attend an event at UTC in March 2019. (Photo Cindy Barclay)

The chancery judge who has hogtied a petition for relief of the CV-19 state of disaster for 103 days has escaped an effort to reform her court in a supreme court order that says a grievance against her is “not well taken.”

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

I filed a detailed analysis with justices regarding the maladministration, incompetence, rejection of equity principles on the part of chancellor Pamela Fleenor, who has had my case a 103 days, a demand for an emergency peremptory writ of mandamus that by law must be heard and decided in 15 days or less.

In a four-sentence unsigned “per curiam” order, the court says it “construes” my administrative petition as a judicial act subject to the judicial rules of appeal. 

The rules of appeal apply to judicial actions and cases not to administrative demands. 

“On December 30, 2020, Mr. Tulis filed a pleading the Court construes as a petition for rehearing pursuant to 10 R. App. P. 39. The Court finds that the petition is untimely and further finds that the petition is not well-taken. Accordingly, the petition is DENIED.”

The order was filed Monday. That same day I had a “phone hearing” with Judge Fleenor on the line as well as Gov. Bill Lee attorney Janet Kleinfelter from the attorney general’s office and health department administrator Becky Barne’s Sharon Milling from the county attorney’s office.

And how do we know, whether they took it as an administrative petition, and decided after reading their complicity with the fraud, to use the color of ‘construe’ tactic without foundation?

— Hal anthony

The ruling is one more sign that in the overthrow of constitutional and representative government, the meaning of words are also overthrown — a problem I have seen repeatedly in prosecuting this case on behalf of state of Tennessee. Construe = redefine.

‘Pretty powerful psychedelics

“The matter wasn’t against the judge, but the broken equity jurisdiction in Tennessee,” says Hal Anthony of Jefferson Mining District in Oregon, who reports on ways of legal resistance to the CV-19 tyranny in a weekly webcast called Out of the Woodshed. ‡ “If it were a complaint against the judge it would have had to take a different route.”

“If it was untimely, why did they read enough to know it was not well taken?” Mr. Anthony says. “And would it still be not well taken if it were taken as administratively intended? And how do we know, whether they took it as an administrative petition, and decided after reading their complicity with the fraud, to use the color of ‘construe’ tactic without foundation, no less, to evade doing justice? Inquiring victims want to know.”

Mr. Anthony, a private legal expert, says “inquiring victims also want to know: How, then, does anyone petition for lawful administration of actual justice in the state of Tennessee if the supreme court will take an administrative complaint and ‘construe’ it to be a review to a non-existent order? 

“Such an interpretation is some pretty powerful psychedelics. Welcome to Houston, Tennessee. Y’all have a problem. And, never forget, because y’all have a problem, none of y’all have a remedy.”

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