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Assemblies, protest without remonstrance hold little promise

Photographer Steve Bedford surveys a line of protesters at a downtown intersection in what is an exercise of the right of assembly. (Photo David Tulis)

Our people are confusing the right of assembly with the right of protest.

By John Gentry, CPA

I applaud citizens engaging in their civic duty, and at least trying to have a voice in government. Properly directed in remonstrance, those patriots pictured would have been heard – and they should have been heard. Citizens’ being heard by government is fundamental to our form of government.

Regardless, street protests have been proven worthless, and are all too often dangerous.

I AM NOT demeaning or belittling patriotic citizens that take to the streets. My sole purpose is to raise awareness that our most powerful constitutionally protected right is oppressed and must be restored. It is ignorance caused by oppression of knowledge that citizens no longer know how to properly protest.

Our people think that taking to the streets is how we protest government. We have seen time and again how worthless, and or, destructive street protests are.

This last summer, thousands of patriots protested under arms in Virginia protesting right infringing state 2A legislation. Most recently, tens of thousands from across the republic, protesting election fraud went to DC (pictured). Were either protests heard? No, they were not.

The only result of the TRUMP D.C. protest (labeled “riot” by the “press”) is that our Capitol Building is now surrounded by concertina wire, like a military installation under siege, or near the battlefield, and some few people who breached the Capitol building, will spend time behind bars.

Free assembly vs. remonstrative protest

Assembly is not what the founders protected as a means of protest. Assembly is for the purpose of uniting, assigning leaders, and preparing for proper formal protest by address or remonstrance. And assembly must remain peaceful in order to be lawful.

The actual, proper, and lawful protest is a MEMORIAL & REMONSTRANCE filed with the Clerks of the House & Senate, that must be considered in committee, and then voted upon on the floor by a quorum. Exercise of that right is powerful, and even more so when signed as co-remonstrants by the many of WE THE PEOPLE.

The right of remonstrance is our most powerful constitutionally protected right and fixes everything when restored. EVERYTHING!!! See my earlier post just before this one, and you will know I speak truth.

But the right to petition for redress of grievance or right of remonstrance is oppressed. So oppressed that citizens neither know what that right is, nor do they know how to exercise that right.

In oppressing the right of remonstrance, government is silencing the voice of the people.

Resist increasing repression

Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” – President Harry S. Truman

Many hundreds of thousands of citizens, especially victims of rampant judicial corruption are already terrorized and live in fear. Those numbers will only grow if we do not take stand to restore the right of remonstrance.

As Governor, it is my first and foremost priority to restore the right of remonstrance. I already fight to that end in our courts and legislative houses as a citizen, but as Governor, I will use Supreme Executive Power to bring the law into effect, and restore the established but abandoned form of government.

John Gentry is an independent candidate for governor, and is the leading legal reformer in Tennessee, pursuing judicial and other types of reform.

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