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Troubled mom of 5 asks justices to order Judge Fleenor to act

Gail Greene with her husband, Derek, and father in law, Tom Greene. The children from left are Emily Campbell, 6; and Greene children Manning, 4; Mary Evans, 1; Max, 10 and Miller 10. (Photo Gail Greene)

Chief Justice Bivins and Members of the Supreme Court, I am a Tennessee resident. My family recently moved to Hamilton County due a job change.

By Gail Greene

My husband and I are extremely concerned about the freedom and well-being of our family. I am currently a stay-at-home mother to five young children ages 10, 8, 6, 4 and 1 but I also hold a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Mississippi. 

Pam Fleenor, chancery judge

My intention for this letter is to beg that you reconsider David Tulles’ demand for writ of mandamus. Someone MUST supervise and and require that state judges (such as Pam Fleenor) obey and follow the state constitution and rules of law. Someone must protect our God-given rights entitling us to protection and equity under the law. The reckless abandonment of these protections has harmed far more vulnerable individuals in our state than Covid-19. The rule of law should protect us ALL.

[This is the sort of letter I am asking you to write to chief justice Jeff Bivins about your case, State of Tennessee ex rel David Tulis, unjustly treated by judge Pamela Fleenor. Chief Justice Jeff Bivins, TN Supreme Court, 401 7th Ave. North, Nashville, TN 37219-1407. — DJT]

I write on behalf of children who are unable to wear facemasks. My youngest son who suffers from a severe mental health condition has been turned away from multiple care providers for refusal to wear a mask including our family doctor who has seen every one of my children since birth for the last 10 years. Without proper medical supervision, I am uncomfortable continuing his psych meds. His untreated condition, referred to PANS/PANDAS, is a daily nightmare for my entire family with no end in sight. He needs help — we all do.

I write on behalf of mothers who cannot even TAKE their children to medical appointments because of unjust mask requirements which will not allow other children in the family to be present and therefore parents must find childcare for their remaining children which is too expensive and next to impossible (especially in a new city with no close contacts of family members.) Should one of my children get sick and need medical attention, my husband would have to take off from work. Or if my baby needs to breastfeed, I guess she will just have to wait until I get home.

I write on behalf of mothers who cannot even take their children to church. As if church wasn’t difficult enough (trying to keep five children well-behaved and quiet), we are now required to keep facemasks on all children over the age of two and should one of them refuse or take it off, our bishop has issued a decree that mass will be stopped and the priest will “wait” until everyone (even though we are sitting at least six feet apart) has their mask on properly. 

This is shameful and embarrassing for a mother of five who just needs to be with Jesus for an hour. I write on behalf of mothers with diagnosed anxiety who feel suffocated, vulnerable, and unsafe wearing a facemask but are not allowed entrance into their child’s soccer game unless they want to disclose personal, protected medical information with the unknown mask-enforcer at the entrance. Should I be required to disclose a mental health condition to watch my child’s soccer game?

Elderly abandoned, moms harried

I write on behalf of those who cannot write for themselves. The men and women locked up in nursing homes with no visitors, no safeguards to protect them at the hands of predatorial staff members, depression, anxiety, and a multitude of other health conditions that might arise from being isolated from humanity for almost a year. Is this really going to help them “stay safe”? I think you and I both know the answer to that. I have an elderly friend who hasn’t seen her husband in nine months and is only allowed to peak at him through a window or on FaceTime.

He’s currently unable to speak or walk. She’s unable to care for him at home. So sad. 

Over the last few months, I have spoken with SO MANY mothers who are tired…tired of the mandates, tired of the isolation, tired of the shaming, tired of the tyranny. But because there is a very small percentage of vulnerable people, we must keep them “safe” by turning our lives upside down and ultimately, harming our own families. I implore you to consider how these unfair, tyrannical mandates and complete disregard for the Tennessee State Constitution will affect our future. If things don’t change, is this a place any of us will really want to live? Not me.

When our leaders don’t stand up against unjust, tyrannical mandates, business owners, hospitals, etc. take advantage and do even MORE harm. I beg of you to make a difference!

YOU have the power to reconsider David Tulis’ demand for a writ of mandamus and honor godly rules of equity! Please stop further irreparable harm to the state and the people.

I will be looking forward to a response and following this case closely in local media.

Most Respectfully, Most Prayerfully, Most Sincerely Yours, etc.

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