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Tales of neglect, filth emerge at Bradley County jail

Stories of neglect, abuse emerge from the state-certified hellhole of a jail in Bradley County, Tenn. (Photo Bradley County Incarcerated Solutions)

Jae Carico of Bradley County Incarcerated Resolutions is soliciting stories from people in the Bradley County Justice Center in Cleveland, Tenn.

“These testimonies will be difficult to read,” he says on the group’s FB page, “and may elicit very strong emotions, but we believe that the community has a right to know what goes on inside that place that you pay taxes for. We have received several testimonials, and we have decided due to the volume of reports we’re receiving, we will release them to the public.”

He says anonymous material came to him about a woman who was denied medical attention for a growth behind her eye that was causing her great distress. 

They made her sit in her own excrement for hours after she had a seizure. They used a dirty catheter on her. She left that place with a severe bacterial infection and glaucoma in her eye. This what they do to your loved ones who are unfortunate enough to be put into their hands.

Mr. Carico is soliciting evidence about the Bradley facility and its government operators.

“If you have a testimony of mistreatment inside of Bradley County Justice Center, please send us a message so we can tell your story, and so we can fight to end this torturous treatment.”

Here, some of the stories:

Mom’s fear for mistreated son

➤ My son is also in there, and at the start of his time last year he did some things to get in trouble and the way he was treated was inhumane. He was beaten by the police, bitten by cop dogs, they put the dog in the vehicle with my son. We were not allowed to see him for 3 to 4 weeks, and when we did all I could do was cry. He couldnt walk, he still has glass in his head and he layed in booking for 4 to 5 days so they could keep a check on him. But they wouldn’t give him anything for pain and in order for my son to go to a regular pod he had to give up his wheelchair.

“This is what they will do to your loved ones,” Mr. Carico says, “your children if they are unfortunate enough to be put into their hands. It doesn’t have to be this way, we can hold them accountable.”

People with stories about the jail should contact Mr. Carico through the group’s portal on the great commie platform, Facebook.

Disabled vet’s tale

➤ I am a disabled veteran of the United States Army, 70% for PTSD alone. While incarcerated at the Bradley County Justice Center, I was denied my medication prescribed by the veteran affairs for my severe PTSD, anxiety, adjustment disorder, a mood disorder and sleep disturbances (nightmares and not being able to sleep). 

None of the medication was narcotics. I even had all the necessary paperwork to back up what I was saying and I was still refused my medication. I don’t need to tell you how terrible it is for a mentally unstable Veteran to just not get any of his medication. 

Some of the correction officers even mocked me while I was crying and having a PTSD episode. Some even questioned my service, saying I was faking my issues and made comments how I shouldn’t have joined if I was too weak to cope with war. Also, this has happened more than once. Every time I have been in jail are Bradley County, I have been denied medication and been made fun of for my PTSD.

Solutions to incarceration? Alternatives? 

“This is how they treat our veterans, our loved ones,” Mr. Carico says. “This is what they’ll do to anyone unfortunate enough to end up in their hands.”

“We have been receiving and hearing numerous reports again of inhumane mistreatment as well as people still not being supplied with enough proper PPE during this pandemic,” Mr. Carico says.

He says are put in cells for over 24-plus hours — in lockdown — due to lack of staff within the facility.

“Our plan is to make sure the voices of the incarcerated as well as their families are heard during this horrific time and once again address the public so we can put an end to this covered up story that’s not being told.”

Grievous testimonials about Bradley jail (at 22)

Jae Carico talks about Bradley County jail on NoogaRadio 92.7 FM
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