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Wal-Mart refuses 21 tons of butter from trucker exposing jowls

Bill Evans, a truck driver, left, takes part in an abolitionist protest in Oklahoma at the capitol. (Photo Bill Evans)

Again today I had another rocky encounter with a mask mandate. This time at a Wal-Mart distribution center in Monroe, Ga. 

By Bill Evans / truck driver theologian

They refused to unload my trailer (containing 21 tons of butter) unless I wore a mask to the check-in window; even though it’s legally their product, they already had the bills, the trailer was backed into the dock with doors open.

Naturally I refused on medical, scientific, religious, philosophical and constitutional grounds. 

I went so far as to pull my shirt over my face, pointing out that they were wearing nothing more than scarfs aka ‘face diapers,’ but theses low-level functionaries demanded I comply by wearing a ‘real mask.’ 

I refused and returned to sit in my truck. Two Walmart male shift supervisors came to the truck, and two police units were dispatched. I asked the officers, neither of whom were masked, what local, county, state or federal laws they were there to enforce?

At this point, Wal-Mart simply wanted me escorted off the property. I explained to the cops, that I could not leave with Walmart’s product, nor would FDA food safety regulations permit resealing the trailer once it had been opened. 

Besides I said, I can’t take the product anywhere, and I don’t even have the bill of lading, Walmart does. Initially the Walmart supervisor refuse to unload me, even if I donned a mask. 

This is where one’s demeanor and tone with the police is so important. I persuaded the LEOs that it was Wal-Mart that was being irrational, by using a combination of firmness, respect, logic and law. At this point, the officers began interposing for me. Ultimately the Wal-Mart staff caved.

Truck driving can be difficult.

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