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Edward has liberating encounter with trooper

The term “traffic stop” is a euphemism for illegal arrest under misapplied state transportation law. A proper response to a “traffic stop” by a cop, deputy or trooper is offered in this YouTube encounter in Texas. I could not have done better myself. Edward gets the officer to establish that he is making an arrest. Given that the traveler using the road in his private conveyance is under arrest, he demands a Miranda warning. The officer recites the unfamiliar words from a card in his billfold. The officer insists on receiving a “driver license and proof of insurance.” The proper answer is, “I make no statement and offer no evidence apart from my lawyer being present.” Anything you admit will be used against you in court. A driver license is admission of commercial use of the road, and confirms the officer’s presumption of authority to make the arrest for an alleged administrative infraction under the rules (at equity, under contract). People using the roads in Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Red Bank and East Ridge, Tenn., can use the added protection: “Sir, I am traveling under Tennessee Transportation Administrative Notice” that tells these officers of the limits and disabilities of the transportation and trucking law (motor vehicle code) in Tennessee’s Title 55. These rules apply to carriers, drivers and operators of motor vehicles (for hire).

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