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Thanks to David, you can get driver license without ‘mark of beast’; he now needs help in CV-19 battle

Children join in protest against illegal “mask mandate” in Hamilton County at the courthouse. Such mandates are illegal and clear tyranny. David Tulis plans to rip up and uproot this smothering kudzu of regulatory and under-color-of-law abuse that has smothered the land and collapsed the economy. (Photo David Tulis)

My 2000 social security number case against Tennessee safety commissioner Mike Greene ended in my humiliation in the court of appeals, and I did not attempt an appeal to the high court.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

I lost the court case, but I won the war. The general assembly rewrote the law to account for my arguments about the constitution and religious liberty.

With your help, I plan to fight again — and to win in court.

I am planning on chancery and the courts of appeal in a fight against the CV-19 criminal overreach against the people of Tennessee. I am doing all my own legal work and will be representing the 6.8 million of us as “state of Tennessee ex rel David Tulis” suing the proper state officials as the “good people” work to turn us into docile subjects more than we already are.

David spends a Saturday afternoon on his front porch doing a full-bore study of the Tennessee health law at Title 68.

Commissioner of safety Greene deliberately and maliciously misinterpreted the law, and imposed on me a duty to get a social security number before presenting myself to obtain a driver license. I didn’t have a social security number by virtue of the remedy of rescission of contract for constructive fraud.

The general assembly rewrote a perfectly good statute in Tenn. Code Ann. § Title 55 to account for my arguments about not having a number. The case is David Jonathan TULIS v. Mike GREENE, Commisioner, Department of Safety. No. M2000-02844-COA-R3-CV. Oct. 2, 2001.

I lost, but I won. The victory is in the law itself, at Tenn. Code Ann. § 55-50-321.

(B) Any applicant who does not have, or who states that the applicant has never been issued, a social security number required by subdivision (c)(1)(A) shall complete an affidavit, under penalty of perjury, affirming that the applicant has never been issued a social security number.

Crowd-funding CV-19 court action

In the same spirit of Christian warfare, I am planning a legal reform to overturn ungodly oppression of others and myself. It’s against demonic mask mandates, executive orders applied to the citizenry, arbitrary and capricious acts — and all the rest of it.

By God’s grace — and with your help — we can overturn the entirety of the medical terror state being created before our eyes that will outlast Gov. Lee.

Support my project “Liberty for Tennessee” at GoFundMe. I am raising F$20,000 that will cover my personal, legal and other expenses. I am a small business owner suffering just like all the others, yet am doing extensive legal research on my own time and my own dime.

To date good people have donated F$700 via GoFundMe and another F$500 personally and through TNtrafficticket. Please consider donating F$5.

I support you in your fight, David

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