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Prisoner letter hints post-conviction relief using ready-made brief

Silverdale Detention Center in Chattanooga
Concertina wire surrounds the slave compound at Silverdale in Chattanooga run by the Hamilton County sheriff’s department. (Photo David Tulis)

Dear Sir, I want to thank you for your very kind letter and your gracious words.

It is an honor that I can count you among my listeners, and I would say that I would be happy to have you alone as the person listening to me when I’m on the microphone. 

It is my desire to give an understanding of a situation of many people who are your fellow inmates in the jail. Many of them absolutely do not belong there, and are near you because of violations of due process and a callous, heartless anti-Christ system of law and government.

Many of them have committed wrongs which are easily corrected, easily compensated for, easily set aright, because torts and crimes are moral issues — moral problems, sins.

Biblical justice conflicts with county justice

But the system that is impersonal cannot afford them the grace and mercy that a godly judicial system would. If the system were godly there would not be confinement of any kind. All wrongdoers and malefactors would the dealing directly with a person that they offended, that relationship overseen by the judge and the wrong will be set astraight, the compensation made, the apology is given and received, and an interest taken between the 2 parties, hopefully, personally, with the victim seeking to help the person who wronged him before. 

I know that sounds very idealistic and assumes the best of man. But that’s the way God intends for justice to be done. Justice is to be personal and overseen by the judge. There is no confinement. There is no jail. There is no prison. There is capital punishment for capital offenses such as rape, kidnapping (false arrest would be a capital offense), adultery, murder, buggery and the like, and then for all other offenses, restitution to the victim and restoration of the offender.

It is my desire to bring aid where I can, to help people who come to my attention.

To that end, I am closing a print copy of a brief in support of motion to dismiss or close it for post-conviction relief. 2 copies. If any one of your friends is in jail after having gone through false arrest, this brief in support would go to defend a motion for dismissal on grounds that the officer violated a statute. A possible motion is below.

The fault identified here his extremely common. You and your friend have rights to be arrested only under a warrant. This defense is never brought up by anyone in the public defender’s office or the bar. The PD’s office will not make a big deal about this defense it because it is part of the state’s apparatus and cannot overturn a fundamental abuse of this kind. The county is under a form of this document as an administrative notice as of April 15. So is the city. If I can remember to, I enclose a couple of articles about this issue, which I have explored in detail on the show and also in type.

Realize that I’m not an attorney, don’t geve legal advice, practice law have a law business, or make a living at law. But as a lover of Justice, because of my Christian beliefs, I have done this to oppose the oppressors, who prefer these wrongs remain undone.

I believe that by God’s grace by the power of the Holy Spirit a few people can affect a legal counterrevolution. We are under a revolution by the state against the people. We are under the sway of looters in black robes, fire bombers in police uniforms, and stabbers and steelers and sheriff’s deputies’ armor. These people are overturning godly government and make the security of property, peace and happiness impossible.

Mandamus as CV-19 oppression remedy

As for my work, I am drafting a petition for writ of mandamus. This is a peremptory writ at common law, very powerful, and will come to the head of the docket at chancery. It demands that the judge order the governor to obey black letter law, which he has ignored in favor of use of the emergency powers statute — in that statute there are no limits. In the health law that I demand the governor obey, there are clear limits to this power, though the powers are great, including the use of concentration camps for the sick. 

I am defending the concentration camp law as opposed to a law which will allow many worse things that are violative of our Christian liberties and our having been made in the image of God. Because we are made in God’s image, and are ordained to glorify him through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, these offenses are against the people but primarily against God himself.

Please have praying people in the jail hold me before the throne of grace in this matter. I’m trying to remain in business and a radio field, manage my show, and also handle a complex legal conflict. I am getting ready, as God has ordained me and gifted me with this desire to fight in the court. 

C V19 is a colossal mistake and disaster, and an overthrow of lawful government in Tennessee. It is an overthrow of lawful government across the country in each of the 50 states. If I succeed here, the petition can be done elsewhere by replication.

Fire your attorney, help fellow inmates this way

Regarding my paperwork, someone who has attorney will have to fire the attorney to be free of his authority over him. Anyone who is represented by an attorney must act sui juris, or, as they say, pro se to use this remedy. Again, I’m not giving legal advice and make no suggestions. However, if it were me, I would file a motion for post-conviction relief, claiming improper representation because the defense attorney did not raise this issue.

Anybody can cut and paste my brief, as it is online as of April 1, 2020, at You would have to know the facts of the case to determine if the remedy I propose is available. The question is whether the offense for which the inmate is confined is a misdemeanor and fitting the framework of “public offense” as described by the courts and the statute.

Anyone in jail after an arrest under a traffic (Title 55) charge should have recourse to this remedy. I propose this as a self-help experiment. The motion below is rough, but excusable as the petitioner acts apart from counsel. Your friend’s motion for reconsideration would say something like this:

Motion for reversal and dismissal

Comes now prisoner and demands reconsideration of his defense and claims in light of his attorney failing to identify his arrest as illegal and in violation of Tennessee code annotated 40-7-103, arrest by officer without warrant. 

This false arrest poisons the entirety of the state’s claims against defendant as explained in the attached brief. 

Petitioner asks his case to be overturned and dismissed in light of these crucial violations of his God-given, constitutionally guaranteed, unalienable and inherent rights. Signed, sui juris

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