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Olsen withdraws case after harassment in mask fight

Sumner County TN courthouse
J.T. Olsen had a hearing in Sumner County courthouse, and says the judge ordered a deputy to testify against him outside of standard protocol, and that the deputy perjured himself about his statements regarding refusal to wear a mask.

I think we had a very revealing day in court today. I’m going to regroup and seek legal representation from counsel to make sure things are handled properly going forward.

By J.T. Olsen

I can clearly see why our rights are being dissolved with such great rapid succession right now. Hardly anyone is willing to stand up.

All day every day, we complain on Facebook, but when it comes down to going out of the comfort zone, nobody wants to do what it takes to come together as a community and stop tyranny in its tracks.

Out of an estimated 20 or so people in the community that I thought would show up to support this cause, only one showed up — my own family member Andy Olsen to support the lawsuit.

That being said, it is difficult to do this on my own. I am asking all of you, if you truly cherish your liberties, right now is the time. Waiting any longer will be too late.

Within months, there will be a vaccine and the government thinks it has the right to force needles loaded with poisons into your bodies. They do not care about your religious liberties anymore – this has been made abundantly clear to me today and by other court rulings across this nation. Irrational fear has taken over society on a global scale per the recommendations of faulty science, and I am grieved in my spirit greatly at the lack of fortitude some of you have to stand up for what’s right.

Bickering all day on social media does literally nothing. You need to get out and make a difference, show up in person, help raise funds, make phone calls, etc. Make a commitment to yourselves and your neighbors to stand on the side of righteousness.

The Bible said we will be persecuted in many ways for standing up for the truth, and nobody ever said it would be easy.

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