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Mask ‘mandate’ ignores due process rights, individual liberty

J.T. Olsen, left, is filing suit in circuit court of Sumner County, alleging administrative top-down control of people is prohibited by the state’s supreme law, the constitution. (Photo J.T. Olsen)

Government cannot force anyone to wear anything, or not wear certain garments. It is covered under the 1st, 4th, and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. 

By Justin T. Olsen

Not to mention, there are HIPAA laws that restrict businesses and government agencies from even asking people about their health. Furthermore, religious issues pertaining to forcing people to wear a mask over their face — as a follower of Christ, I do not live in a state of fear.

I don’t lick door handles, but I will not be muzzled like a dog restricting myself from oxygen and building natural immunity as God intended. Far different than not stopping at red lights and plowing through an intersection doing 50 mph with oncoming traffic. Dumb comparison.

The media has reached out to me with some questions regarding why I filed my lawsuit in Gallatin, Tenn. Below are my full responses just in case some of it is redacted. 

1) Why did you want to go ahead and file this lawsuit? 

ANSWER: The lawsuit was filed to protect our individual liberties as citizens and parents. We are a free people, and the right to take care of ourselves is our right as we see fit. Government does not have the authority to restrict peoples’ right to breathe air freely or wear certain types of garments, such as face coverings. These are basic fundamental liberties guaranteed by our creator. 

2) Tell us why you think the mask mandate is unconstitutional 

ANSWER: The mask mandate is unconstitutional for many reasons. First, mandates are NOT law. In America, we have a legal process to follow, that is called “due process” of law.

 Issuing mandates on a whim based on the arbitrary views of a mayor/governor is unconstitutional on its face and sets a dangerous precedence toward dictatorship in this nation. People have the right to take care of themselves and participate in society without covering their faces. 

The fact that we as a society are even having this debate is ridiculous. Arbitrary mandates driven by fear always lead to govt abuse. Shall we order citizens to wear HAZMAT suits next? 

Where does it stop? We as citizens have basic fundamental liberties to care for ourselves. If someone wants to give consent to a licensed medical professional to screen them, they have that choice. If someone wants to breathe air freely in America and trust the immune system God created for them, they should have that choice. The Bible tells us to FEAR NOT 365 times, and people of the Christian Faith also have a right to refuse government demanding that they live in fear.  

Depriving people of oxygen — not healthy

3) There are health officials who think masks are necessary during this pandemic – why are you so against having this mask mandate?  

ANSWER: There are also health officials who strictly disagree with masks as a form of stopping viruses. A virus is a very small micron in size compared to saliva or other larger particles exhaled by the lungs. There is a reason people with COPD or other health issues cannot wear masks as it poses a great risk to their health due to the restriction of oxygen flow to their bodies. 

Oxygen-rich environments tend to kill viruses and thus it is my belief and the belief of many health experts that restricting one’s oxygen flow and covering ourselves in hand sanitizer hurts our immune systems in the long run. People must build up immunity, especially children. Also, most people do not even wear the masks properly and constantly adjust it with their fingers that contain millions of bacteria/viruses, then touch things on the shelves at stores. 

Their masks become petri dishes filled with bacteria after wearing them for just 20 minutes or so. In fact, in some health-related professions, it’s required that masks be changed out after a certain amount of time. It is up to each individual according to their constitutional rights whether or not they want to take certain precautions. MOST people do not agree with forced mask wearing, and healthy people should not have their rights violated just because the minority of people are living in a state of irrational fear. 

Relief, but no compensation sought

4) What do you hope to get out of this lawsuit?

ANSWER: Injunctive relief from further infringements of our liberties. We are not asking for monetary damages, yet. 

5) Open ended question — are there any other comments you’d like me to include in my piece?

ANSWER: Many folks have reached out to me across the state and are now planning to file similar suits for relief. I think this should send a message to our elected officials that we cannot force people into isolation or mask-wearing based on irrational fears of a virus that causes the common cold and has an extremely low mortality rate. In the long run, these shut downs and mandates are going to harm more people than not. People are losing their life-long businesses, being laid off of their jobs, and losing their homes. This will lead to homelessness, inability to afford health insurance, and more sick people.

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