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Lee, Berke, Hammond, Roddy, as they move landmarks, deserve to be disobeyed

A TV reporter speaks in front of Silverdale, the Hamilton County jail, where police and prosecutors place people who are exercising their rights and have committed no crime or wrong but who are falsely accused and their due process rights violated. (Photo David Tulis)
Minneapolis police bear their riot weapons as people protest the police execution of George Floyd by an officer pressing his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck while he lay on the payment, killing him.

There are many rulers in these days who call themselves “Christian” who arrogantly assume that their power is limited by no one, not even by God, and they surround themselves with flatterers who adore them as gods upon earth. 

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

Not to mention the many others who, out of fear or constraint, either believe, or appear to believe, that mayors, governors, chiefs and sheriffs ought to be obeyed in all things, and by all men.

People in my city and in thousands of others have been afflicted since mid-March by these mighty Christian ministers of state such as Bill Lee, a professing Christian whose church is in Franklin. The economic distress and threat into which Gov. Lee and other decree against us by “lockdown” bring to mind Hosea 5: 10-12

10 “The princes of Judah are like those who remove a landmark; I will pour out my wrath on them like water.

11 Ephraim is oppressed and broken in judgment, Because he willingly walked by human precept.

12 Therefore I will be to Ephraim like a moth, And to the house of Judah like rottenness.

In these lines you see the sin of the rulers and people fully displayed. 

➤ The rulers exceed their authority, not being content with that authority which the almighty and all good God has given them, but seek to usurp that sovereignty which He has reserved to Himself over all men. And not being content with absolute power over the lives and property of their subjects, these tyrants seize for themselves the right to rule over their consciences as well, over which the authority belongs to Jesus Christ alone. Holding the earth not great enough for their ambition, they want to climb and conquer heaven itself.

➤  The people, on the other hand, follow the commandments of men when they yield to these rulers who command that which is against the law of God. Thus, the people burn incense and adore these earthly gods and, instead of resisting them (if they are able), they instead permit them to usurp the place of God, apparently untroubled by their giving to Caesar that which belongs properly to God. 

Removing landmarks are evil

The shuttering of tens of thousands of business by Gov. Lee, Mayor Andy Berke, Mayor Jim Coppinger and many others is violent and bold moving of a landmark. Thanks to their courageous leadership, the country is in a depression worse than that of 1930. The rulers exceed their authority and forbid people from their duty in making a living, and the people comply.

The CV-19 state-based depression seems to make only a minor ripple in the early phases of the mayoral campaign. Do candidates have the courage to follow Mr. Berke next go-round, or rather the boldness to obey the law?

A police car wrecked by rioters in the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis. (Photo Unicorn Riot)

Also lightly touched thus far: Tennessee transportation administrative notice, which piles liability against the city for abusive “traffic stops” outside the scope of state law and in violation of federal rules on transportation. In police abuse, too, the sin of shifting legal landmark. 

Using police, city government illegally suppresses the right of free communication and free movement of people and their property. These rights are in both state and U.S. constitutions. But courts and governments reject these rights of personal liberty that are battered by police and sheriff under presumed authority under Tenn. Code Ann. Title 55.

Shifting landmarks accursed

➤ “You shall not remove your neighbor’s landmark, which the men of old have set, in your inheritance which you will inherit in the land that the Lord your God is giving you to possess.”  Deut. 19:14

In Deuteronomy, the Israelites lined up on two opposing hillsides, Mt. Ebal and Mt. Gerazim. They shouted blessings on one side, and curses on the other.

➤ Deut. 27:17-19 ‘Cursed is the one who moves his neighbor’s landmark.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen!’ ‘Cursed is the one who makes the blind to wander off the road.’And all the people shall say, ‘Amen!’ ‘Cursed is the one who perverts the justice due the stranger, the fatherless, and widow.’ And all the people shall say, ‘Amen!’

The legal presumption and falsehoods that uphold traffic enforcement against people not involved in shipping is accursed. Cops, deputies and troopers make “the blind wander off the road” and hurl them into the ditch themselves. They “pervert the justice due the stranger” and due the local person. Their abusive enforcement practices oppress most easily the fatherless and the widow (poor people with broken homes).

Solomon makes note of landmarks:

➤ “Do not remove the ancient landmark Which your fathers have set.”  Prov. 22:28

➤ Do not remove the ancient landmark, Nor enter the fields of the fatherless. Prov. 23:10

Courts move landmark on movement

Tennessee courts, like those in other states, uphold the system of commercial government that imposes police regulation on private activity. The most widespread overreach is through state transportation laws that are enforced upon people who are not motor carriers, either common or private, but mere private users who accidentally, ignorantly and as victims of state fraud enter into legal relationship with state government through driver license laws.

Prosecutions against them are presumptively on the basis of commercial activity being afoot at the time of the stop, yet cops never ask for the evidences of that activity such as bills of lading, contracts, passenger lists, agreements, manifests and the like.

The false claims by police and state attorneys are landmark moving violations. They are claims by government that God’s law need not be regarded, nor manmade constitutions that enshrine protections for families, moms and dads, individuals who travel on the roads and who are not criminals in any way.

All the inhabitants of the earth have received from Him everything they have, and are, essentially, His tenants and lease-holders. All police and DAs of the world are but His hirelings and vassals, and are obligated to take and acknowledge their investitures from Him. God alone is the owner and lord, and all men, whatever their station in life, are His tenants, agents, officers and vassals. 

All without exception owe fealty to Him, according to that which He has committed to their dispensation. The higher their place is, the greater their responsibility to God must be, and according to the rank where God has raised them, must they make their reckoning before His divine majesty. This is what the Holy Scriptures teach in innumerable places, and all the faithful (and even the wisest heathens) have ever acknowledged: that “the earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains” (Psalm 24:1).

Christians owe obedience when it is due. But when the state moves landmarks and hides them, we must fight back. My police powers reform project of notice seeks to shine a light on the landmark, the right of communication, make everyone realize it has been moved, and to shift the landmark back the proper spot. We obey all laws that apply to us. We fight impositions of all laws that don’t.

➤  “Give tribute, honor, and fear to whom they are due,” (Rom. 13:7)

➤ “Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and to God that which is God’s.” To Caesar tribute, and honor; to God fear. 

➤ Saint Peter says the same, “fear God, honor the king. Servants obey your masters, not only the good and kind, but also the rigorous.” (1 Pe. 2:17-18) 

God’s people are to fight for righteousness and justice.

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.” Gal. 5:1. 

This refers not just to early Christians resisting the claims of old Hebrew rites, but to the liberty from bondage of other forms, whether chattel slavery, debt slavery, political servitude under communism or other forms of tyranny.

Credit for some of the language in this essay is due to Junius Brutus, whose book Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos, or, A Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants, appeared during the French wars of religion and were a major influence upon the American colonists.

The Tulis Report is 1 p.m. weekdays, live and lococentric.

Sue cop as oppressor, defend self in traffic court: Tennessee Transportation Administrative Notice

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