Officers and chiefs of the Chattanooga police department chat about public affairs. (Photo Chattanooga police department)

This morning I appear at the county justice building in downtown Chattanooga to ask for a meeting with either Jimmy Anderson or Hugh Moore, foremen of the grand jury.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.78 FM

Deputy sheriff Reardon says they are absent, and not likely to be in the office for a while.

No grand jury in March, he says from behind his desk. No grand jury activity in April. Not sure if the grand jury will be active in May. I say I have urgent business, with knowledge of a triable or indictable crime.

I leave the envelopes, and from my work office phone Hugh Moore and email him at his law office at Chambliss Stophel Bahner, where is works as an attorney.

Yes, the foreman of the grand jury in Hamilton County is a blueblood high-end attorney, a member of the bar and an officer of the court, that being of the judiciary.

The grand jury is supposed to represent the interests of the people, to be a spoiler of government high-handedness and criminality — and it is led by an attorney? Hmm. Maybe my errand to help stall police abuse under the pretext of CV-19 is that of a fool?

Tulis demands info on grand jurors

Dear Messrs. Moore and Anderson, this letter demands an audience of three members of the Hamilton County grand jury to hear my report based on knowledge of the commission of a public offense triable or indictable in the county. 

This demand is made under the authority recognized as existing among the people at Tennessee Code Ann. § 40-12-104, copy enclosed.

In seeking to exercise this right, I demand personal information and histories of the members of the grand jury. This information will allow me to exercise the right to designate two grand jurors who shall, with either of you, comprise a panel of three to determine whether the knowledge warrants investigation by the grand jury.

This power of selection is my right, and I assert it today.

The information about grand jurors can be sent to me by email at the above mailing address or at the email address below. I will accept receipt of this information, also, by personal inspection, as well, at the grand jury’s office downtown, during normal business hours. 

To apprise me of when the information is available for personal inspection, I expect to be given an invitation and notice by email, text message or phone call. Etc.

Grand jury miscreancy


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