Bosses probe claim of trooper harassment, likely will overlook perjury

This form letter has been sent A****** T**** and me regarding her complaint Feb. 27 of slander and harassment by a state tooper whom she grilled on the witness stand in his perjury-riddled case against her for reckless driving under that state’s trucking, shipping, freight, transportation statute.

A trial is set for A****** T**** in Marion, Va., on June 20 in circuit court. Abigail was convicted of reckless driving in a kangaroo court bench trial Feb. 27 in which she demonstrated what appeared to be a better knowledge of the law than the judge, Travis Lee, and the prosecutor, Jill Lawson.

By David Tulis / NoogaRadio 92.7 FM

She and I filed a complaint against trooper Brandon Frye for two public breaches that were committed by him within 15 minutes after her hourlong trial was over.

He called her a “Nazi” to another person in a public place, and was overheard by Abigail who was just then coming around a corner of the Smyth County courts building. When Abigail, 28, an artist, in tears told me about the encounter, I returned from our parked car to the court and encountered Trooper Frye.

He attempted to intimidate me, lied in statements to me that I was wanted in the commonwealth attorney’s office, and attempted to make a fool of me and to waste my time. Providentially I was protected from possible malevolence — he might have leveled false accusations against me or alleged I had made threatening statement after my daughter lost her case.

That was a distinct possibility: Trooper Frye perjured himself on the stand in testimony against Abigail. Might he have done something similar to me? The element of perjury is a judicial offense, and is not, apparently, part of the administrative probe touching on his employment, so Mr. Frye doesn’t have to worry about that.

Agency vows probe

The department of state police say is it is committed to “conducting thorough investigations” of complaints, implying it is giving a “thorough investigation” of two or three of the breaches of this officer.

Craig White, a first sergeant for the troopers in internal affairs in Richmond, says the files are kept “strictly confidential” and promises not to release results of the investigation of abuse.

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