Wilson says Parker not being harassed, was strip searched for weed

Sheriff Steve Wilson of Walker County shares the viewpoint of lawyers on liberty. Lawyers pretend freedom doesn’t exist except when constrained and hemmed in by law. The common law and biblical perspective of people such as Anthony Parker is that state authority is lawful only upon people involved with the state through any of its myriad privileges. (Drawing by David Tulis)
Gregory and Kasee Parker come to NoogaRadio 92.7 FM for an interview. (Photo David Tulis)

Wilson says Parker not being harassed, was strip searched for weed

Sheriff Steve Wilson arrested Gregory Parker on Saturday but did so according to protocol, according to responses to inquiries about the treatment of the Rossville, Ga., tradesman and his family.

Sheriff Wilson says Mr. Parker “has not received special treatment or harassment” at his hands. His officers had a warrant but did not show it, he says. He demurred on a question about his deputies’ use of profanity, alleged by Mr. Parker’s wife, Kasee.

Sheriff Wilson did not make himself available for an interview Monday about the arrest and search of the Parker residence. But he responded within hours to questions posed by email.

Drug war joins war on private travel

Steve Wilson,sherrif

David Tulis — What is the charge against Mr. Parker?

Sheriff Steve Wilson — At this time Gregory Parker is charged with failure to appear.

— Did the deputies have a warrant?

Yes, the deputies had a warrant.

— Did they show it?

The deputies did not show Parker the warrant but told him of its existence.

— Is Mr. Parker in for special treatment or harassment by your department?

Gregory Parker does not and has not received special treatment or harassment by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office.

— Why did deputies occupy the property for three hours?

The deputies were at the residence for an extended time because a search warrant was required for the residence, a drug investigation was initiated and DFCS was notified because the minor child was present in the residence where marijuana was being smoked.

— In what condition did they leave the property?

I don’t know the answer to this question.

— Was there probable cause for a search?

Yes, there was probable cause determined by a magistrate judge.

— Is personal use of weed allowed in Georgia?

Personal use (possession ) of marijuana is a violation of law in Georgia

— Is personal possession allowed if not for resale?

Personal possession of marijuana is a violation of Georgia law.

— Why was Mr. Parker strip searched Saturday?

Because he was in possession of marijuana.

— Why, earlier, was he given a body cavity search for a transportation law violation allegation? [No response]

— Did a deputy Saturday say,  “I don’t give a fuck about your rights, they don’t mean shit to me”? 

I am not aware that a deputy said that statement.

— What are the rules of profanity, especially to women and in the presence of children?

I would need to know the circumstance (what did the woman say to the deputy) that brought forth the alleged profanity.   

Questions remaining

— Is the Georgia bill of rights still in effect?

— Does Mr. Parker have the right to use the road if he is not a commercial user under privilege?

— Does your department scrupulously respect the rights of the people?

(End of email exchange)

Prosecution of dissent

We should understand that Gregory Parker is active in defense of the ancient right of free communication and movement. He faces legal threats but also political threat as dissenter to the conventions of corporate America and stands against establishment norms and presuppositions. The main one operative in Georgia, as in Tennessee, is that all movement by car, on the people’s roads, is a privilege, and not a right. 

This commonplace is enforced strictly in Walker County.

Get your TAN now: Transportation Administrative Notice creates TN traffic court defense, cause of action vs. cops

Sheriff Wilson has gone after Gregory Parker for a set of crimes based on his widely shared theory that there is no liberty of movement by car. As do political regimes everywhere in United States, Sheriff Wilson holds that the Georgia trucking statute controls all use of the road and that there is no private use. Even people exercising rights, according to this theory, must ask the state for permission to exercise them and to be taxed on these rights in their exercise, in these people’s going to and coming from places and locations of their exercise. 

The people of Walker County dare not believe they can use the people’s roads for private or pleasure use and to exercise their rights on them without having to give account to him or other authorities.

These rights he forbids to be practiced would include the right to free speech, religion, bearing arms, political association, free association, personal necessities, exercise of lawful and harmless callings, abortion and many other rights established by constitution or by courts.

The drug prosecution for harmless plant life is part of the modern paradigm of a state “war” upon the people. The war on drugs parallels the war on private movement, and in Sheriff Wilson’s actions are combined against the family of Mr. Parker.  

Who is Gregory Parker, and what is he doing in liberty?


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