Assembly ignores people’s rights in slighting remonstrance

Tea party activists and conservatives demonstrate in Nashville against the prospect of Gov. Bill Haslam’s creating a state health insurance exchange for the benefit of Obamacare in 2012. (Credit: Bobbie Patray)

A year ago I emailed the entire Tennessee General Assembly advising each of you that I would be filing a petition of remonstrance, a lawful and legal document, and formal written protest against government policy and officials, thereby asserting rights guaranteed in the Tennessee constitution (Art. I, § 1, 17, and 23). 

By John Gentry  /

In that email, I implored each of you to embrace the opportunity to begin a great healing of our nation, and for Tennessee to lead the entire nation in restoring a proper form of government as required by state and federal constitutional provisions.

Instead of embracing that opportunity as you should have, the members of the houses have chosen to ignore duty, violate oaths to uphold the constitution, and to grossly violate constitutionally protected rights.

In the case, United States v. Cruikshank, 92 US 542, 23 – Sup. Ct, 1876 (at 553), the Supreme Court stated: “the very idea of a government, republican in form, implies a right of its citizens to petition for redress of grievances.

John Gentry stalks the halls of the general assembly in Nashville, trying to get house and senate clerks and speakers to obey the rules on petitions of remonstrance. (Photo John Gentry)

In the case, Pacific States Telephone & Telegraph Co. v. Oregon, 223 US 118, 32 – Sup. Ct., 1912, the supreme court stated: “… to afford no method of testing the rightful character of the state government, would be to render people of a particular State hopeless in case of a wrongful government. (at 146)

Disturbingly, as a result of my work endeavoring to uphold constitutional rights, it came to light that since the year 1982, the Tennessee general assembly and secretary of state, have been holding out to the public, a materially altered version of the Tennessee constitution.  In a constructive fraud, and in violation of oaths of office, the general assembly refuses to correct the Tennessee constitution and chooses to continue a fraud upon the citizenry.

Congress must necessarily decide what government is established in the State before it can determine whether it is republican or not. …, the authority of the government under which they are appointed, as well as its republican character, is recognized by the proper constitutional authority. Luther v. Borden, 48 US 1, 12 L. Ed. 581, – Supreme Court, 1849.

Upending covenant with people

Due to these incontrovertible facts, the State of Tennessee has forsaken its republican character, in violation of the U.S. constitution, Art. IV, § 4 – “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government”

Frankly stated, it escapes me why the members of these houses have chosen to forsake the provisions of our beloved constitution.  Since I am demanding reform of our corrupted judiciary in my petition of remonstrance, it is reasonable for me to conclude that the members of the houses are either intimidated by the judiciary, or in league with the judiciary, to protect the rampant corruption that I remonstrate against.  I can discern no other rational explanation.

It is beyond my rational understanding and sense of patriotism and compassion, to understand why anyone would want to protect (intimidated or not) the rampant corruption of our courts that literally destroys the lives of many good citizens of this state.  One is too many. The “hundreds if not thousands” are an atrocity (quoting Tennessee Sen. Stevens).

And for what?  Is it to preserve a false public trust so more fish can be netted?  On an individual basis, how much filthy lucre can one bad actor (no insinuation intended against the members) receive net on an annual basis?  A couple hundred thousand dollars? Perhaps a half-million? That is chump change they can do without when you consider the economic value of the lives destroyed!

Legislators urged favor the people

It is not too late!  It is never too late!  The opportunity still presents itself.  Put aside hubris, arrogance, and perhaps pecuniary interest.  Put the people first! They will love you for it!

Perhaps the members of these houses think I will tire and eventually go quietly into the night.  Respectfully, do not console yourselves so. If you come to know me and my breed, you will know I never surrender this most worthy cause.

Already, I have addressed this problem in two cases docketed in the supreme court of the United States, and I was thought done when wrongfully denied certiorari.

Rather than being done, I did my research and filed the first petition received by the general assembly since the year 1850, and again I was thought done by being ignored.

Rather than being done, I filed a petition for writ of mandamus in chancery court, in which case, Deputy Atty Gen. Janet Klinefelter, in her arrogance, thought to deprive me due process by exploiting and violating rules, and by filing falsified and counterfeit evidence. 

Undaunted, by such unethical conduct not compatible with the trust placed in her, I have strengthened my case with new evidence.

Next steps beyond TN assembly

I will appeal the writ of mandamus case to Tennessee court of appeals and demand they recuse pursuant to Tenn. Const. Art VI, § 11 and remand to Tennessee supremecourt.

I will appeal the writ of mandamus case to Tennessee supreme court and demand the justices recuse and certify to the governor to appoint a special supreme court, pursuant to Tenn. Const. Art VI, § 11.

I will appeal to the supreme court of the United States in an extraordinary writ in the nature of mandamus, pursuant to Sup. Ct. Rule 20, filed in accordance with Sup. Ct. Rule 33.1.

I will remonstrate to President Trump in guarantee demand pursuant to U.S. Const. Art IV, §4, seeking his intervention as well as asking him to file my petition of remonstrance with the clerk of the U.S. senate according to senate rules of order.  I will seek a writ of mandamus against President Trump in federal district court if necessary.

I will remonstrate to the U.S. house of representatives in guarantee demand pursuant to U.S. Const. Art IV, §4, with a member filing with the clerk of the U.S. house of representatives, pursuant to House rules of order, Rule 12.  I found one member in Tennessee to file my remonstrance with the house clerk. I know I will find one in the U.S. house of representatives as well, there is always at least one patriot such as the honorable Rep. Bud Hulsey that will uphold oath.

I will continue to campaign for a seat in the state senate.

Growing interest in remonstrance

I will continue to grow the numbers of Tennesseans who support my work, presently estimated at 45 thousand to 150 thousand until we reach critical mass with sufficient affidavits to force the general assembly to enact critical reforms.

After that, I am sure I will think of something else as I am resourceful and I know in my heart that if I never quit, I will never lose.  Rest assured though, my efforts will always be lawful and peaceful. But know also, that it is only a matter of time.

The blessings of liberty and justice for all must be restored…  They will be restored. And a great healing of nation will commence with or without your support.  You have an opportunity to be a part of the solution, or a part of the problem, and I implore the former over the latter.

Remember or learn the lessons of our past as I have.  Embrace this opportunity…, do not fear it. The people will love you for it.  It is never too late to change. It is never too late to uphold the constitution as you swore to do.

John A Gentry, CPA, 208 Navajo Court, Goodlettsville, TN, 37072 (615) 351-2649.

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