Thanks to pro-lifers, GOP, abortion protections persist

The Rev. Fidelis Moscinski, Rev. Dave Nix and citizen Will Goodman are arrested as police drag Baby Jane Doe in the background in Morristown, N.J., in a protest against the killing of preborn children. (Photo Jake Hart,

Tyranny is nothing new. It raises its ugly head in the annals of man time and time again. Even tyranny by judges is nothing new.

By Matt Trewhella

The prophet Zephaniah spoke of the judges in his day. Zephaniah 3:3 declares – “Her judges are evening wolves who leave not a bone for the morning.” Understand, the evening wolves were the meanest; the most ravenous; the most bloodthirsty of wolves. They had not eaten all day, and therefore, were the most dangerous of wolves.

Zephaniah’s words are true of the judges and judiciary in our day. We have a wolf lose in America; a wild dog; a ravenous beast; a baerwolf – and it is the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary.

And unfortunately, the state magistrates all obey and implement this tyrant’s evil. Understand, their duty is interposition, not blithe obedience. And sadly, the pro-life/pro-family groups aid and abet the magistrates in their failure of duty by parroting their excuse – “The Supreme Court has ruled – all we can do is obey.”

Just this past week, the federal courts blocked Georgia’s Heartbeat law. Of course, the pro-life movement and the Republican politicians all knew this would be the outcome – they have been playing this game for over 46 years now.

Eleven states in the last two years have introduced bills of interposition/abolition which would interpose against a lawless Supreme Court and stop the killing immediately. All of these bills have been killed by Republican leadership and the pro-life/pro-family groups.

When will we learn – we must demand interposition of the state magistrates against a lawless federal judiciary and accept nothing less.

In June of this year, Christians were all gleeful when the Supreme Court ruled a large cross could remain standing in the state of Maryland. This ruling by the Supreme Court, however, reveals the Court’s hypocrisy and manipulation.

The message from the Supreme Court to the Christians is simply this: “You can have your little cross – while we impose everything upon the nation contrary to what that cross represents.”

The Christians in America, however, are happy with this crumb from the Court. To them it gives the Court credibility so they can feel better about how they and the magistrates blithely obey every evil opinion issued by the Court which spits on the Law and Word of God, including murder and perverting marriage.

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