Seeking volunteer for reform-oriented TNtrafficticket project

Deputies of Sheriff Jim Hammond gather outside the county commission door in the Hamilton County courthouse as commissioners weigh their budget request. (Photo David Tulis)
Flowers from a well-wisher grace the dining room table at the David Tulis residence in Soddy-Daisy, where David and his wife, Jeannette, have reared their four homeschooled children. (Photo David Tulis)
David and his wife, Jeannette, a homeschooling activist and tutor, enjoy a night out at the C.S. Lewis event at the Tivoli Theater in downtown, Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis) has been in operation seven years for the benefit of Chattanoogans and people elsewhere who want a penetrating review of liberty and law and the prospect for a local economy and a free market under a sovereign and loving and merciful God.

However, I am having serious problems running the site and solicit your help. 

I’m looking for an administrator to volunteer with me in its service, the press platform I claim on radio makes me “the blogger with the biggest pen in Chattanooga,” that big pen being the NoogaRadio 92.7 FM radio station tower on Signal Mountain.  

This website is a WordPress platform that needs to be moved to a bigger and faster server, awaits internal maintenance and begs for an updated visual theme. The burden is becoming urgent as I shift my work into the domain of

Please email me at your earliest convenience through the site, or call me.

Get your TAN now: Transportation Administrative Notice creates cause of action vs. cops, traffic court defense

Administrative notice has been served upon officials in several jurisdictions, and has been notoriously published, as here in this one of a sequence of classified ads in the Times Free Press.

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