Gentry says changes in constitution ‘intentional’

John Gentry of Goodlettsville, Tenn., tells about his remonstrance project in which he insists on his rights to give an address or a remonstrance to the Tennessee general assembly, which swarms with lawyers and which has diverted law and justice against the people’s rights.

Since the General Assembly and Secretary of State continue to hold out to the public a false version of the Tennessee constitution on their respective websites, in constructive fraud, after my repeated requests to make correction, one can reasonably conclude this fraud is intentional.

By John Gentry

Since House Rule of order 15 and Senate rule of order 22 provide means for petitions to be received and read at the table, but provide nothing for receiving petition by address, further substantiate an intentional usurpation of a constitutionally protected right to address the powers of the government.

Since each of you purportedly swore an oath to uphold the constitution, the members of the 111th general assembly are in violation of their oaths of office.

Since the assertion of my right to address the General Assembly, and my further demand to correct the PDF type-written version of the Tennessee constitution continue to be ignored by these houses, one can also reasonably conclude that certain bad actor members of the assembly, like our corrupted judiciary, believe themselves above the law and accountable to no one. If so, those bad actors will find themselves mistaken.  No person is above the law.

Perhaps bad actor members of the 111th assembly also believe me impotent, and that my work will ultimately prove unsuccessful. Bad actor members will also find themselves mistaken.  As a former Force Recon Marine, I am resilient, resourceful, and my breed does not know the word quit – as you are now learning.

Bad actors have thought me done and forgotten after Tennessee court of appeals proceedings, but found themselves mistaken and defendants in state and federal lawsuits.  

Bad actors have thought me done and forgotten after denial of certiorari by the supreme court of the United States, but found themselves mistaken and subjects of a petition of remonstrance filed in both houses of the General Assembly.  Bad actors have thought me done and forgotten by ignoring my remonstrance but found themselves mistaken, and listening to me expose corruption in House and Senate Committee testimony. 

Most recently, bad actors thought me done and forgotten by having my petition for writ of mandamus wrongfully dismissed by violating, circumventing and exploiting Davidson County local rules, and falsifying evidence, but found themselves mistaken as I adeptly navigated those barriers and evidenced their wrongdoing.

Even if wrongfully dismissed in my mandamus petition, I still will not be done or forgotten.  I am only getting started. 

Just as I found one among you to file my petition of remonstrance with the Tennessee House of Representatives, I will find one among the U.S. House of Representatives. I have already researched the federal house rules (See Rule XII). 

I will find one in the U.S. Senate too.  I will also remonstrate to the President of the United States, Department of State, Department of Justice and any other power of the government.  In the U.S. Congress and to the President, I will make guarantee demand pursuant to U.S. Const. Art. IV, Sect. 4. (look that one up if you don’t know it).

Even then that is not my end game.  More and more citizens from across this nation, as well as my fellow Tennesseans, stand with me at my side.  More come by the day. Their votes will be counted. It is only a matter of time until the house of cards built upon the violations of constitutional provisions and rights violations comes tumbling down.

Let us put aside this nonsense of violating my rights and fraudulent portrayal of our state constitution, and begin to restore our republic together.  It is going to happen sooner or later anyway. Although I am a relentless in pursuit of justice and will never surrender in the struggle to restore the republican character of this state, I am also a humble man and invite discourse. 

Take my hand extended to you.  Stand with me…, and together, we can reform this government to one that will be the envy of the entire nation, more just, and more prosperous, as has not been seen since we declared independence from Great Britain.

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