Watt awaits word from grand jury in her Title 55 arrest

Diana Watt is waiting for an indictment by the Hamilton County grand jury in her Title 55 arrest as a person not involved in shipping arrested by the Chattanooga police department for a transportation offense.

Her name once again does not appear on the grand jury’s list of true bills and no-bills. She says she’d been told by a grand jury official in March to expect word on an indictment in April.

Police leveled eight charges against her in a viral Facebook transportation arrest in summer 2018 in which she was dragged from her car and ended up on the tarmac. Judge Clarence Shattuck dropped charges of “driving on revoked” and retaliaton for past acts and sent the case to the grand jury.

Judge Shattuck showed partiality for the police officer, who failed to show six times, with the judge each time continuing the case until finally, on the seventh hearing, he appeared.

Sue cop as oppressor, defend self in traffic court: Transportation Administrative Notice

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