Gentry asks court to order clerks to follow rules on remonstrance

The remonstrance in the Tennessee general assembly seeks to end abuses in courts, such as those protested by these women fighting human trafficking by family court and child protective services. (Photo FB)

John Gentry argued his claims before Davidson County chancery court Friday, asking the judge to direct the Tennessee state house and senate speakers and clerks to obey their rules in respect of his constitutional right to remonstrate and have his petition read aloud in each house. — DJT

By John Gentry

Today when the court cautioned me about alleging fraud of the Respondents who materially altered my petition of remonstrance and filed a fraudulent document with a court of law, instead of backing down, I doubled down.

I alleged intent to injure and oppress constitutionally protected rights in violation of 18 USC Section 241/242, a federal crime.

The opposing counsel, an attorney with the office of the attorney general, stated she did not alter the document and that the fraudulent document was provided to her by the respondents (speakers and clerks of both houses).

I had moved the court to strike the motion that included the fraudulent document and my motion to strike was orally denied. Perhaps it’s OK to materially alter evidence? I don’t think so, and will of course motion to alter.

The Court did not, at hearing, orally grant the respondents’ motion to dismiss. Whew! The court is taking the matter “under advisement.”

The court did order that I can supplement my response to respondents’ motion to dismiss, and ordered office of attorney general to comply with local rules violated by that office.

The court will then “rule on the papers” regarding dismissal without further hearing.

I am grateful of the opportunity to supplement my pleadings, and that this most important case was not dismissed already.

Regardless of how this case is disposed by this court, I will continue the fight to restore the fundamental right of petition with motion to alter, appeals, and writs of certiorari — to our highest court if necessary, as well as further petitions to our executive branch and U.S. Congress. I will exhaust all legal remedy.

Gentry remonstrance seeks to put lawyers in their place

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