Assembly rejects Gentry, keeps courts, attorneys above law

John Gentry, author of a remonstrance to the Tennessee general assembly, says the people should take back state government from lawyers and bar associations. David Tulis is at left.

It causes me great concern that the Tennessee General Assembly is derelict in its duty, and in treason to the constitution sworn by members to uphold and ignores my petition of remonstrance.

By John Gentry

Our rights guaranteed in Tenn. Const. Art. I have perhaps been usurped beyond enforcement anywhere.

I will continue to test through further remonstrances to federal authorities and writs of mandamus in state and federal courts. I refuse to accept that attorneys and judges are above the law.

At 17:01 of a YouTube video, a state senator states: “I absolutely positively agree that past efforts rebuking and removing corrupt judges has not taken place.”

That is an allegation against the Tennessee judicial oversight agency that it is aiding and abetting crimes against the people. The same is true in all states.

I stated plainly before a Senate committee that the board of judicial conduct is comprised of “criminals protecting criminals.”

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