Sheriff ignores law 400 days, sweeping up the citizenry

Sheriff Jim Hammond and his chief deputy, Gino Bennett, at a county commission meeting in Chattanooga. (Photo David Tulis)

Over decades the people of Tennessee, through their legislature, have written a series of laws to control and regulate commerce on the people’s roads, avenues, highways, boulevards and lanes. These rules are encompassed in a book, a green volume called Tennessee Code Ann. at Title 55.

By David Tulis / 92.7 NoogaRadio

It comes to our attention, thanks to transportation administrative notice, that Sheriff Jim Hammond in Hamilton County looks at this law and sees double.

Or triple.

He and the sheriffs in the 94 other counties in Tennessee see this one-foot wide law as one yard wide.

Caligula, who (according to Dio Cassius) wrote his laws in a very small character, and hung them up upon high pillars, the more effectually to ensnare the people.

Sheriff Hammond actions are a western refinement in line with our higher sense of civil order.

He sees the big heavy letters of this volume, at 871 pages, and perceives not just commerce through it, but ordinary, common and everyday working people not using the roads in commerce. Despite a clear lens in the statute, Sheriff Hammond views these others as being subject to the law. He multiplies subjects not actually made subject in the law as written.

Because Sheriff Hammond has been under notice since March 1, 2018, it can be said that he is legally exercising bad faith, misperception, malicious intent, fraudulent intent, unjust dealings, fraudulent dealings and injustice upon the people, visiting them with arrest on the highway, a circumstance in with people are often highly vulnerable, not being at home, not being at their place of business, not being on their own property, that being on the public right of way, on the roadways and boulevards.

In an average booking report for Hamilton County, five to seven of the 40 to 45 people arrested on any given day are in the jail thanks to their having been approached on the roadways, in their cars or trucks. Some have charges entirely under Title 55. Traffic stops are a pretext for officers to go fishing against the citizenry and check the record for outstanding warrants, claims and charges, with searches by consent giving added charges to file against the man or woman.

Black letter claims upon no-letter people

That sheriff Hammond ignores the plain meaning of black letter law, and opts to exercise exceeding and lawless power upon the people pursuant to judicial policy, is a public wrong. The people are free from all the black letters in this law, and they are free from oppression by judicial conceit. But they are being imposed upon.

William Blackstone, in his treatise on the common law, say rights that are private or public, and wrongs are private or public. “Rights are however liable to another subdivision; being either, first, those which concern, and are annexed to the persons of men, and are then called jura personarum or the rights of persons; or they are, secondly, such as a man may acquire over external objects, or things unconnected with his person, which are stiled jura rerum or the rights of things.

“Wrongs also are divisible into, first, private wrongs, which, being an infringement merely of particular rights, concern individuals only, and are called civil injuries; and secondly, public wrongs, which, being a breach of general and public rights, affect the whole community, and are called crimes and misdemesnors.”

13 months ignoring your rights

The sheriff in Hamilton County is above the county commission. But he is subject to federal jurisdiction if his actions breach the rights of the people pursuant to federally recognized rights. Central government has complete jurisdiction over transportation enforcement. And that enforcement is exclusively commercial at U.S. Code at Title 49.

Sherriff Hammond and his deputies are enforcing the commercial statute on people who are not commercial. This activity is deeply troubling; he has ignored the warnings in the law, pursuant to TAN for 404 days.

Black’s Law Dictionary defines good faith to suggest the proper spirit. “A state of mind consisting in (1) honesty in belief or purpose, (2) faithfulness to one’s duty  and obligation, (3) observance of reasonable commercial standards of fair dealing in a given trade or business, or, (4) absence of intent to defraud or to seek unconscionable advantage.”

What do you propose to do to help innocent and harmless people here in our home county?

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